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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Does this look correct to you?

When I view my blog it is crooked. The side bars are off, the script is off, it's all off. Go down a few posts and how does it look to you?

I don't know what is up or how to correct. I hope it is just my view on this side ?

Today was the Big Lake 8K. I was apprehensive to run the race as running on ashpalt hasn't felt that good to me since FANS. My knee was hurting as well as my foot every time I ran on asphalt until Friday. I ran a mile or so up and down the road I live on with Topaz and I didn't feel any pain. I went to the track to run 800's and didn't feel any pain so I figured I'd give it a try today. I promised myself I would walk or drop, without feeling like a loser, if my knee or foot ever hurt during the race.

Nothing ached throughout the race. I was able to run just fine; THANK GOODNESS! I wasn't fast; I ran the 8K in 40:22 which is just fine with me. It was a lot of fun, we had a record number of runners who turned out. I placed within my age group and brought home a ribbon.

It was tough to think about Ann, but I kept changing my sad thoughts into happy memories of her. I know she was out on that course today.

Next up: Afton 50K next Saturday. Fun!


marathonP said...

Blog looks fine Julie.

Glad your knee feels better.


Cathy said...

Blog looks good to me also. Glad you had a great race.

Julie B said...

Thanks Cathy and Phil. I don't know why it is crazy on my end!