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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Another Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there. I hope you enjoy YOUR day very much!

For the Father of this house, three baseball games during Tyler's tournament; then Grilled Ribeye, Corn on the Cob, Twice Baked Potatoes and a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. All Steve wants is a good meal; I can provide that! Well, other things too..but I won't write of them here :)

Each year, during the boys tournament, we invite the team over for swimming and BBQ. They will be here inbetween games today, from 1030 to 200 so I have some setting up do to. Then the masses will arrive! I'm expecting 15 14 year old boys. Oh boy. I have 60 hotdogs, 4 cases of pop, 2 cases of water and 6 bags of Doritos. Then we'll go back for another baseball game.

Running this weekend was excellent; I and Topaz ran by ourselves. Saturday and Sunday I ran 10 miles each day. The deer flies are getting pretty bad but it's still better than going to the gravel road through the Eagle viewing area. I'll be there soon enough when I can no longer handle the deer flies.

Yesterday it took me 1:20 to run 10 miles; today it took 1:35. Topaz took a few more water soaking breaks!

This next week I'll get back to my track workouts and hills. I'm looking forward to it.

I feel fully recovered from FANS now, but still think it was a good idea not to run Grandmas. I don't think I was ready for 26 miles of asphalt. It looks like yesterday was a hot, humid and stormy day in Duluth. A number of my Run Club friends were running, I'll hear their stories on Wednesday.

OK, off to get ready for the boys.


Susan said...

Julie, what kind of dog is topaz? I found abandoned siberian huskeys on my trail run Friday and I can't decide if they are good dogs are not. it's so sweet right now though. it howls a lot.

Julie B said...

Hi Susan,

Topaz is a Border Collie. Siberean Huskies.. I'd be afraid of a stray..but I'm a chicken! No collar or anything? Some people!

olga said...

Jul, your recover is awesome.
Thanks for introducing me to LL, even though I am not up to play with computer, I took some sample menues from there and will try and follow it after WS100. At least no calories counting by myself - half the work cut out:)