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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Strength Today: Lost Some and Gained Some

Topaz and I headed out for our usual run on the trail yesterday. Oh my gosh, the deer flies were horrendous. I had spray and a hat on and they still bit through both. Poor Topaz, they were hovering all around him and burying themselves in his ears and stomach fur. It was not a pretty sight. We managed 5 miles but couldn't enjoy it. At all.

Today we headed for the Prairie Drive. It's a 7.5 mile gravel road that goes through fields, woods and bogs. There is a huge eagle nest close to the road. I haven't run there since the Scary Run I posted last summer. A guy drove past us 7 times, was wearing no shorts, and well, you know the rest. Yikes.

Today there was no vehicle traffic; just I and Topaz. We ran the 7.5 look and didn't feel a deer fly. Thank goodness. They'll be at the Prairie Drive in a few weeks, then I'll have to move up onto the asphalt. Bummer.

After dropping Tyler off for guitar lessons I went to the gym. Today was chest, bicep and legs.

Prior to FANS I was lifting 2 45 pound dumbbells and able to bench them for 8x3. Not today. Today I lifted 2 40 pound db for 6x2 and then had to go down to 35! Oh the HORROR!! I was benching a barbell at 130; today I struggled on 120. EEK! Bicep lifts were the same as pre-FANS and legs were a bit heavier. Yeah! I was squatting 130 but was able to squat 150 today. What's up with that? Shouldn't they be tired and wimpy?

Hopefully my chest will be stronger next week..

DB Bench Lift: 40x6x2; 35x6x2
BB Bench Press:120x6x2; 110x6x2
Incline Press (Machine) 50x8x4

BB Curl: 50x6x3; 40x7x3
Curl Cable: 75x8x3; 60x8x2; 50x8x1
DB Curl: 35x8x2, 25x8x2, 20x8x2

Extension: 145x10x3
Dead Lift: 90x10x3
BB Squat: 150x8x3; 130x8x2; 90x8x1
Ham Curl: 60x8x3
Leg Press: 145x10x3

Ingesting large quantities of protein today!


olga said...

Gosh, the numbers for you weights are scary!! You should go for bodybuilders contest!

Sheila said...

You're a weakling, all right. NOT! Sorry you have to battle deer flies. I have been accosted by sulphur butterflies and hundreds of garter snakes (I told the bikers to watch for them and not run over them) and swarms of gnats only.

It is interesting to observe how your muscles respond after a hard endurance effort. I experience the same thing--my upper body seems to go to pot, but my legs are fine. I think our bodies are used to keeping the leg muscles in primo working order since they are asked to do so much in the course of a day, whereas our arms are mostly just sticks that get occasional exercise (even as much as I swim), so they tend to take longer to come back. But what do I know?

Have a marvelous weekend!