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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Superior Hiking Trail FUN

My blog crashed yesterday. Everything was wiped out; my template, pictures, side bars, everything. Darcy (www.ironalya.com), bless her heart, is getting it all back together for me. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Darcy!!

As you know, I love running the SHT. It's magical. I was hoping to be able to get up there during the summer to check out the portions of the trail that I haven't yet run upon, but will be running at the Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile in September.

WELL, get this..

Scott is in charge of many duties for the race. One of the things he is trying to figure out is how long the aid stations are going to have to be available to the runners. The race, in its history, has never begun at Gooseberry Falls, as it will be this fall. This is a very rugged portion on the trail, and he really doesn't know how long it will take the runners to get across.


He put out a post to the Minnesota Dead Runners to see if anyone was interested in going up to the SHT to either support or run 50 miles as a test to figure out the aid station details. Yeah. How awesome is that?

The date is July 6-9; we'll caravan/car pool up there, Scott has rented a beautiful home for 12 of us to stay put. I am SO looking forward to it. I thought Steve may want to come along as support, as he took that week off, but no, he is going to build a deck around our pool after we arrive home from the cabin that week.

I'm glad I'll have another training run on the SHT for the 100!


Cliff said...

When i first read SHT..i thought u mis-spelled it and forgot an I :D..

olga said...

Julie, I read about your diet changes and would like to give it a shot too. Though I must add, I don't have your will power (that is after I looked over your food diary). I am a food/weight fighter as well, all my life, and that is with running 100mpw and lifting and all...and actually not eating all that much processed carbs...but definitely not counting every peace I throw in my mouth either.

Julie B said...

Hi Olga, you might be suprised by those mouthfulls that you don't count. It amazed me. I didn't count the handfull of cereal there, or the handfull of chocolate chips, or the few potatoe chips..or the latte's from Caribou. I was shocked by the extra calories I was consuming. Now I track everything..although I do sometimes forget the gels and hammer heed. If you need any help with LL let me know!