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Friday, July 28, 2006

Off to Voyageur 50!

Well, I had a root canal on Tuesday and much to my horror, another yesterday! When I went in on Tuesday he took x-rays and gave me the bad news: 3 more cavities and two root canals. Man, my teeth are crap. So take a little lesson from me: when the scheduler calls you for your 6 month appointment, keep it, and when you have a cavity, get it filled ..soon!

Tuesday's root canal went quickly, no pain while filling, the pain hit Wednesday. Thursday's root canal went well as well but man the pain afterward! Advil every 6-8 hours and an antibiotic.

Oh yea, root canal 1 was becoming infected when I went in for root canal 2 so I was prescribed an antibiotic that is bloating me out and making me spongy. Really!

I was half wondering if I should run Voyageur (voyageurtrailrun.com) then decided yes; it is more of a training run for the Superior 100 the first week in September. I need another 50 mile run in for this race. I don't want to do another one solo unsupported when I really don't have to. I'll take advantage of aid stations and fun people to visit with. On the negative side, I haven't been able to eat much for solid food at all. I've been doing protein shakes, carb shakes, etc. Tonight I'll try some pasta and maybe try a soft sandwich for lunch. I usually carb up the day before a 50 mile. And I feel fat and bloated and it's not a fun way to feel heading at the start line. Believe me, I know what it is like to be the fatest girl at the start line. Ah ha.

So I'm fat and bloated from PMS last week..then it turned into a bloat from these antibiotics. Even my eyelids were puffy this morning! My abs have a layer of water over them and it looks bad.

I'm a whore to the scale. It's up. I can't believe how I can STILL get so wrapped up around a number. Oh yea. I'm wrapped up in it. Big time. Even when I know damn well it isn't fat. I have to keep it in perspective; I am still leaner than I have been during any of my races. HELLO!

Crazy but true.

It's supposed to be 100F this weekend. I hope it is cooler in Carleton. It's 2.5 hours North of here, so it could be a bit cooler.

My goal for this race prior too the root canals was a 10:30. My PR was last year at 10:47. I'm still going to try to run a 10:30 but with 100F and two root canals..who knows. Are these only excuses for the 'just in case I bomb'? Maybe.

Have a great weekend of running and don't cancel the dental appointment :)


angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, no, TWO root canals?!?!?! yikes!!!

I hope all goes well this weekend. I would think that with two root canals, it'll be a triumph to even finish :)

It's tough to give up the scale, so very tough...

Sheila said...

Good luck this weekend, and the bloat will come off. Who can say whether you will meet your PR or not? 100 is a lot of heat to run in. I about died today in 92. But you are tough. Can't wait to hear about it!

Lora said...

OMG Girl--you've had quite the week. I've suffered with bad teeth since my pregnancies...so I feel for you!

Good luck at V-ger, just do what you always seem to do...listen to your body. I'm rooting for you (eww..bad wording!).

marathonP said...

Good luck this weekend Julie. I'll be thinking of you as I run the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday. All the best.


Reen said...

I hope all goes/went well!

2 root canals - Yikes! I hate dental work - you're right always keep your dentist appt!

Anonymous said...

You need to recognize the signs here. Excessive exercise and extremely reduced calorie diet = potential health problems in your future.

Exercise addiction (EA) is a compulsion to exercise. By exercising, EA patients reduce anxiety about being or becoming overweight, body dissatisfaction, or appearance concerns. EA has addiction features because, like drugs, EA raises endorphin levels. EA patients thus may experience feelings of well-being but with decreased awareness of emotional and physical pain and the serious, possibly permanent, health problems arising from their EA behavior.
For female athletes, especially those in sports such as long-distance running in which low body weight may be beneficial, an eating disorder syndrome exists called the female- or elite-athlete triad. It consists of disordered eating, anaenorrhea, and osteoporosis in conjunction with exercise. Depending on symptoms and severity, it is diagnosed as anorexia, bulimia, or eating disorder not otherwise specified.
Unlike eating disorders, EA does not routinely involve secrecy but more often indifference or failure to recognize the problem, such that it is not discussed during treatment and loved ones may not realize the need for concern. Those with EA often are comfortable with their EA because, unlike other compulsive behaviors such as repetitive checking, EA may be perceived as healthy and socially acceptable.

Most of the comments here seem to be supportive....it amazes me that no one seems to see the potential for disaster is your actions. Just be careful, Jule Berg.

marathonP said...

Julie, you know what, if you hung back and kept yourself from commiting to doing extraordinary things, because of the cautions of these cowardly "anonymous" and self-professed "normal" people (especially professionals paid to pretend they are normal), you would achieve nothing and lead an un-noticeable life. You would lead a wonderful, uninspired, overweight, undisciplined, unachieving, un-free, unspectacular life. You Maggie however ARE balanced, you have a wonderful marriage, you show up for your kids, you work, you are a wonderful friend, and you hide nothing from anyone.

You are an inspiration Maggie. You don't hold-back. You live fully and without a covering of lies, and for that, you experience the fullness of life.

Don't let the "just-looking-out-for-you" and "know-it-all" hand-wringer scare you away from being extraordinary. Those types will always be there to coax you away from being more. While you inspire hundreds with your total openness and honesty of living, this one sad person shows up as "annonymous" and tries to scare you away from being special.

Another lesson in life Maggie; the more you reach beyond, the more of those there will be to try and knock you down.

Good luck on Voyageur 50 Maggie, you are a superstar. You have your husband, your kids, your running friends, and those of us that love and share in your blog everyday to get real advice and support from. We say who we are and you know us, and we don't throw rocks fear annonyomously just to unsettle you.

We love ya Maggie, and we'll stand by you.


marathonP said...

Oooooopppsie, sorry Maggie and Julie. I meant to say Julie in the previous post. I made an un-anonymous mistake, the only genuine kind.

:) phil

marathonP said...

Out the door at 4:30am to run the SF Marathon Julie. Thinking of you at Voyageur 50...makes what I do seem really easy. All the best. Here's to being extraordinary.

:) phil

E-Speed said...

ouch. hope the mouth starts to feel betetr and that you have a good race despite the bloating!