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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I have a very sore tooth that kept me up all night. I haven't had to take Advil during a race in I don't know how long..but I took 4 at 8PM and again at 4 AM and the pain was back by 7 AM. NOT a good thing. I haven't taken any more Advil, I'm toughing it out.

My dentist told me in April of 05 (gasp)hat I had a cavity; that it should be filled and that it was fine to be filled at an August appointment. Well, I cancelled that appointment and when I had an appointment to have my teeth cleaned, I thought they'd fill it then and they couldn't and now over a year has passed!

Upon calling the dentist today, and the dentist reviewing my chart, I was told the cavity has probably now become a root canal problem. Oh. Joy.

I was referred to an endocronologist and thankfully, have an appointment at 130 today. I just have to drive forever to get there. Apparently Big Lake is too small of a community for endorconologists or anything other than your tooth cleaning and filling.

Anyhow, anxious to release some pain, I headed for the track. We do have a track in Big Lake.

No, I'm being sarcastic because I am in pain. I love living in this little community. Really. I gave up the big city and the root canal dentists to have the peace and quite of small town and open woods.

I dropped Tyler and friend off at the weight training room and walked over to the track.

1 mile warm-up, the fired off the 800's, anxious to feel pain other than my tooth! Even though I haven't taken in any calories since 4 PM yesterday, I had strength to sprint them out. Hmmm..maybe that's the secret?

800 1) 3:29, 2) 3:28 3) 3:31 4) 3:34 5) 3:30 6) 3:31 7) 3:34 8) 3:32 9) 3:34 10) 3:31

I jogged a 400 inbetween each 800 and cooled down 1 mile afterward. Phil and Tyler came out and ran a few laps with me too. Awesome! As an added bonus, I didn't feel the tooth pain for an hour and a half.

I'm hoping I can get to the gym for a session of RT tonight while Troy has football assessments. We'll see how the post root canal goes. Damn.

Run On!


Cliff said...


Ouch, I hate tooth aches too. They are intolerable. Just gnaws me to death.

Dont' worry about the root canal. I had 4 done this year. Maybe I can ask my dentist to give me an extra one for free :D

olga said...

Gotta take care of that thing before it blows out of proportion! And you don't want to deal with it at the race!
We should do speedwork together - I had exactly same splits this morning:)

Julie B said...

4 root canals, Cliff, my gosh! Yes, you should have the 5th free, and Olga, I would love to train with you! One of these days we will, we have much in common :)

Ironayla said...

I feel your pain! I have my root canal scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Last Thursday the pain hit and I thought I could just pass it off with some advil or ambosil.... but when I went into the dentist (who is 3 blocks from work), they did an x-ray and said I needed a root canal and put me on antibotics right away.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

you know you're a hardcore runner when....
you do speedwork to lesson the pain of a severe toothache :)

marathonP said...

The ultimate definition of an utramarathoner: someone who finds time to train 2+ hours per day, everyday, and sometimes 24 hours of straight running, but can't find time once in one year to go to the dentist.

:) that's why we love you Julie!!

I haven't been to the dentist in several years either, but the running is great. Maybe I have the right stuff to be an ultrarunner too ;)


Susan said...

Those are awesome splits! Toothaches are the worst - hope it gets better.

massoman said...

great job on the 800's, sorry about the tooth