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Friday, July 21, 2006

Running in the Rain

As I lay in bed this morning I could hear the rain drops hitting the window. How wonderful! No lightening or thunder, just a nice steady rain.

I and Topaz headed out to the Prairie Trail and ran 10 miles in the steady downpour. Although I stopped at each water hole, Topaz just sniffed the water and never even entered. I guess the rain kept him nice and cool. He was giddy running in the rain, he would run an arc from me, through the meadow and into the woods, back to me, repeat. With a smile on his face! Really. It was fabulous.

My hamstrings feel a bit tight since I ran 800's on Tuesday. I don't know what is up with that. Well, I do need to stretch more and I will beginning today.

On Tuesday Tyler began weight training for football. I brought he and a friend to the HS weight room, then headed out to the track for 800's. After a one mile warm up I ran 10 of them, fastest was 3:30 and slowest was the 8th one at 3:41, I ran a 400 inbetween each 800 in about 3 minutes, then finished with a one mile cool down. As I was running, Tyler and Phil came out. They had finished up their WT session and wanted to run for a bit with me. Now that was cool! They asked for a few tips, they ran a few laps, and I was very careful not to be over-excited about their company, as I didn't want to embarrass Tyler, and I want him to come back out there with me. It was wonderful.

Wednesday I couldn't make run club so I ran early with Topaz instead, just finishing before a thunderstorm made its presence.

Today my parents are coming down for the weekend. They are going to help us build a deck around our pool, then connect to the deck on the house. Great fun. Not. This means I'll be cooking nonstop and becoming crabby. My Mom and sister will want to shop all day Saturday. They are talking IKEA and Mall of America. Joy.

I'm planning on making it out to Afton State Park for a few hours on Sunday and will be running with Topaz tomorrow.

Voyaguer 50 mile is next Saturday. Yahoo!


Timber - The Trail Runing Lab said...

Topaz sounds like a cool dog!!

olga said...

It's so nice that your kid runs with you!
Best of luck at 50k, Julie!

Cliff said...

Good like on that Voyageur 50 mile. I tend to get over excited when someone i know is getting into running as well :D..

Ben, aka BadBen said...


Have a good run at Voyageur. I've run Voyageur 5 times, and I LOVE that race. I'll be doing the PCT50-M (instead) on the same day, but 4 of my KC buddies will be running the MV50M:
Kyle Amos,
Caleb Chatfield - http://www.calebchatfield.blogspot.com/
Paul Schoenlaub,
and Stuart Johnson.

Paul and Caleb are really fast, and Kyle and Stuart are moderately fast.
It'll be interesting to see how they do. Paul's the only one that's run in the race before (and took 2nd place the last time he ran it), and Stuart's a tough veteran of many Superior 100s.
Kyle is a grisled young veteran of many 50s and 100s, but this will be Caleb's first 50-miler. He's taken 1st or 2nd place in every race he's entered up to 50K.

Happy trails, and wear your sunscreen for the "powerlines" section!
- Bad Ben

marathonP said...

Everytime I start to get a little burnt out or uncertain in my training I check in with Julie and get revitalized. You are a star...like Lance Armstrong, just pulling a sled instead of on a bike :)

I have the San Francisco Marathon coming up, a little soreness in my left foot (mild plantar fasciitis), but I'm going to stay steady and smart...on my way to 50.

Thanks for the constant inspiration Julie.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

rain sounds nice...i hope my son runs with me when he's older!