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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Deck Progress

After I and Topaz finished a 10 mile run on the trail yesterday I and the boys loaded up into the car for a road trip to Bemidji. We had a family reunion there yesterday. I wasn't looking forward to it. I imagined drunk relatives and lost of sugar and fat laden foods and lots of driving and complaining boys. Well, much to my surprise, none of that took place!

We had a nice drive, taking 371 through the lakes area of Brainerd, Gull Lake, etc. It was actually quite picturesque! The family reunion was actually fun. My Aunt and Uncle, who were hosting, live out of Bemidji in Nymore, on a huge parcel of land. They had a 9 hole golf course set up, volleyball, bean bag toss, etc. We had a real fun time. I brought along a platter of veggies and fruit as well as some chicken breasts to grill. Good thing, because I was right on about the food. Hotdogs, sloppy joes, salads covered in mayo and sugar. Blech. Oh, and lots of pies and cakes.

By 6 PM I and the boys crawled back into the car and we were back home by 930. Not a bad day!

Meanwhile, Steve spent the day at home working on the deck. It's coming along nicely. Last weekend when it was 100F, and I was at Voyageur, I didn't think he'd be able to accomplish much in that heat. He was able to complete all of the decking though and is now putting up the rails.

Today I and Topaz ran 15 on the trail. Some of my friends from Run Club were running 18 on asphalt at 530 this morning. I thought I may spend the night in Bemidji and wasn't sure if I was up to 18 on asphalt so passed. 15 on trail was wonderful though, finished up in 2:15; that's pretty good for this girl ... and her pup.

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