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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Little Iron; A Little Speed

My schedule is changing into school year mode. Yesterday I awoke at 4 AM so I could be at the gym parking lot by 445 for the 5 AM opening. On the schedule was lifting back and shoulders. It looked like this: Lat Pull Down 80x12x1, 90x10x1, 105x8x1; Seated Row: 80x12x1, 90x10x1, 100x10x1; Pull Ups: 15x2 :)Shoulder Press Machine 45x12x3, 50x8x1; Shoulder Press Overhead DB: 25x12x3; Superset Front DB w/Side Lateral: 25x12x3, 20x6x2. I was totally shot. Showered, home, rode bike to work.

Last night was 800's at the track. I wasn't sure what I would be able to pull off since spending the weekend on the SHT. I was pleasantly surprised:

1600 warm up, 1@ 3:36, 2@ 3:38, 3@ 3:35, 4@ 3:32, 5@ 3:30, 6@ 3:27, 7@ 3:40 (?) 8 @ 3:37, 9 @ 3:39 and 10 @ 3:45 !! I ran a 400 slow jog inbetween. At the end I was draggin' and walked/jogged an 800 for a finish. I was finished in just over an hour. I slowly walked back to the football field to watch Troy's practice as the parents looked at me like I was a crazy woman. I suppose I looked like a drowned rat. Oh well.

Tonight is 5 miles with the Run Club.

Brent-thanks for the links to the winter training. Pretty soon that will be next up on the agenda. Yikes a doodle. Are you going to be at Ed Fitz 100K this October?


olga said...

My son's other "practice" parents look at me the same way - they just did yesterday:) Oh, well.

marathonP said...

Phil's secret to success on his upcoming 50-miler: try to do at least half of what Julie does in a day.

You are incredible.


Anonymous said...

"Yikes a doodle" is right! Although given your training and mental toughness, I'm not too worried...
As for me, I've had the most frustrating year of my running life with injuries. I haven't run a race or been healthy since Feb. It's been really hard emotionally, and I won't be in any shape to run ultras this Fall. But good luck to you at the Fitz, and at the JFK (my first ultra, aaahh memories...)

Bex said...

Good track workout! Those are nice splits, and you got faster in the middle repeats!