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Friday, August 11, 2006

Planning Another Superior Hiking Trail Run

Next Friday I, Steve and the boys will head up to Lutsen so I can get in one more run on the Superior Hiking Trail before the Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile Trail Race (www.superiortrailrace.com)on September 8.

My friend, Maria, and her family are planning on being up there as well. Maria is running the 100 too, I asked her if she would like some company while running the trail next Saturday. Thankfully, she said yes. So..plans were made.

I was pleasantly suprised when Steve and Tyler said that they wanted to come along. I knew that Troy would like to come. It'll be a fun weekend.

I and Maria will begin at the Finland point and head toward Moose Mountain. We'll begin at 5 AM so we will be on part of the trail during the dark. This will be the portion of trail we will be covering during the night hours of the 100.

Maria's husband, Doug, who is an ultra-runners dream spouse, will crew for us. He is crewing for Maria during the 100, too. He crewed for us while we ran the 50 up there a few weeks ago. What a guy! He has this crewing thing down to a fine art.

I'm planning on running 25 miles or so. I don't want to run all day as I want to hike and hang out with my family. If they weren't going to come along I'd get my last long run in up there, and do 40. I'm glad they are coming though, so I changed my plans.

I'll run 40 miles tomorrow near home. Some run club members are running 20 on asphalt on Sunday..I'm going to tag along and get two last long back to backs in. Looks like another 100 mile week on tap!


Cliff said...

Have a great weekend.

olga said...

I liked the description of dream-husband for an ultra-gal:) Sounds like it will be a blast - run with a friend and a hike with a family! A perfect connection of all needs and wants. I hope to hear lots about it, and hope you have great not-very-humid weather up there.

Reen said...

Sounds Wonderful - Enjoy!