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Sunday, September 17, 2006

..And On the Seventh Day..She Ran..

What a relaxing weekend I've had. Yesterday Troy had a 1000 football game; I slept in and then we went to the game. His team lost, but they had a great game. Afterward, it was sunny out and the craving for the woods came on quite strong. I and Topaz went out to the trail. We walked 5 miles, I felt tired but it was good to stretch out my legs and actually move a bit. I was finally able to get my shoes over my feet; the swelling and blistering has gone down quite a bit.

The rest of the afternoon I just hung out at home. I helped Steve stain the deck..a very little bit..and moved some black dirt around for my perennial garden. I still haven't finished up that project. I printed off Sheila's stretching routine and stretched for 20 minutes.

I finally unpacked my drop bags from the race. I didn't want to feel the hope that I had while packing them, I didn't want to go there again. After talking with Maria, that's where I went, to unpack them and unload those emotions. It was good and it was good to move on.

This morning I awoke early, my body must have finally had enough rest. I pulled on my running shorts and filled up a few bottles. I and Topaz went to the trail. And I ran. It felt so good. I smiled and laughed and was happy to be out there. Rain and all. It was glorious. I talked to God and thanked him for allowing me to run Superior as far as I did and was grateful that I wasn't injured and that I felt like myself again. I ran 5 miles and then walked 3.

Mid week I told the boys we were going to go to Church this Sunday. I just am not much into Church; I have never made it a priority. I was raised Catholic, married in a Catholic Church and had both boys baptized and made their first communions in our Catholic Church. But the last few years I have disagreed with the Catholic ministry. I don't believe that women shouldn't be able to minister and I don't believe that minister's should have to be celibate. Those are only a few disagreements I have with the Catholic religion.

Last year Tyler went to the Riverside Alliance Church, because a few of his very good friends attend there and enjoyed the youth program. When I saw how excited he was over it (he even went to a church youth camp) I decided I and Troy would come along to Church as well. I went for a few weeks, enjoyed the Church very much, was a bit surprised at how different in was from the Catholic Church, but enjoyed the change. Then I became busy with other things (running Sunday's) and just let it go.

Today we attended and I found it a wonderful experience, again. It was interesting. The Pastor was speaking about being 'mournful'. He stated that to "mourn" means that we stop trying to cover up our messes, our guilt and our pain on the inside. He asked us to bring our pain to the outside, to acknowledge it and to be real. To be real about what is going on in our lives, to let people know how we feel and to know of the mess we feel inside, that to feel this openness and this mournfulness is a blessing.

He stated that we will experience God's love, comfort and grace when we are real about our hurts, our pain and our discouragement inside.

Isn't that awesome? That is JUST what I have been doing!


marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

Glad you are feeling better. I grew up Catholic and my brother was a priest. He left and subsequently got married and is now happier than ever. The greatest experience I've ever had of spirituality is running!

I bought the Perfect Mile and am reading away. I hope it makes me faster :) Thanks for the recommendation.


Cliff said...


Interesting, I great up in a Catholic church as well. Only two years ago did I became a Christian. I pray that this Church will help you on your spiritual growth....

I do find that training endurance sport has a lot of parallelism to living with Christ...

William said...

Hey an alliance church, great! Glad to hear you get out and that you enjoyed it.

My brother in law is an alliance pastor.

olga said...

It sounds like a great day all around! Glad your feet healing up, as your soul.
Don't have any comments on church though - I grew up atheist, although officially baptised (and so are my boys), do believe in higher power but don't into religion as an institution. But think if it helps an individual - more power to them, it's great. The best gift from any religion if we use it correctly is the morality.

Joe said...

Julie, so glad you got out and could run again. It is always amazing to feel the muscles creak back into the motion after a long race. Hope the blisters heal up well and the swelling disappers.

Glad you have the connection at the Alliance church. Hope you can continue to connect there.

Anonymous said...


It seems like its a small world after all. We also attend an Alliance Church here in Wisconsin. I renewed my own spiritual journey about 10 years ago, and its been great for me and my family. Most of all, I've learned to think about eternal things and what it means to have a relationship with God. I always talk to Him out on the trail. Keep it up - the spiritual part, and the running recovery!

Susan said...

Julie, I'm so glad you are back on the trails. I'm sure it's wonderful for you and Topaz.

I'm with Olga on religion, at the core all religions are the same - it's unfortunate what translation through the years has done to religions and all the wars that are to blame because of them. I was raised an atheist, and for the most part I still am, although I do belive somewhere there is a higher source of energy out there.

Susan said...

(oops got cut off)

I hope you find the peace you are looking for within your church. If you do, then that's the church for you!

Okay, off to order the perfect mile.

Anonymous said...

Julie - I'm glad the message at church was for you! And what a good message at that! There is a passage in the bible that I never understood when I was "mourning" my mother's death. It says, "blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted" I often thought "how can you feel blessed when you just lost somebody? How can this loss, be a blessing?" But WHOA! when I was mourning, so many people came out of the woodwork to COMFORT me! And guess, what? I felt really blessed! Bless you in your faith journey!!

craig said...


I've enjoyed reading here for the past couple of months. Many runners seem to be aware of the spiritual dimension of life. I don't know if that is because we spend a lot of time out in creation and that speaks to us about our Maker. Or maybe it's that running is meditative in nature and runners just tend to think a lot. Or maybe we know more than most people what a phenomenal thing the human body is and possess an awareness of what it would take to make something like that.

I think of spirituality more as pursuing a relationship with the One who made us rather than being religious. In my mind we were made for that purpose and relating to others who are also seeking to grow in that area of life is a great encouragement. Much in the same way that time spent with other ultra runners encourages you as you learn together.

I hope you find a church home where your spiritual needs are nourished in the same way that running obviously nourishes your body, mind and soul.