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Friday, September 29, 2006

Minnesota Twins!

Yeah Baby! They won in the 10th inning last night! Troy had football until 8 so I missed the first few innings; but the game went on to 10 innings so I was able to watch plenty! Glad I didn't fall asleep..

We have tickets for tonight's game, we'll be at the Dome..to take on Chicago White Sox..Rock On Twins!! Maybe I'll make a Circle Me sign. Or not.

(Thanks for the nudge anon..thought I better post something on the TWINS :)

I'm reading Chi Running. Have you read it yet? I would have liked to take the seminar last Saturday in St. Paul, but instead I was being made into a Princess. It was my day at Juut Salonspa..hair, waxing, massage, etc. It was wonderful. But, I didn't make the seminar on Chi Running. I'm hoping to make an October date.

Last night while running I was practicing my Chi. I'm not very good at it yet, but it is very interesting. I'm practicing posture, the form, the strengthening execises and such. Now I'm looking for Tai' Chi classes in the area. You know, there isn't a whole lot to choose from out here in Big Lake. Looks like I'll have to go a bit south for classes.

Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday! The weather looks good: 50's at start, clear, 60's at finish. I need a 3:50 for Boston but am thinking a nice long training run may be a better plan. I'll see how a 3:50 feels the first few miles and adjust from there.



olga said...

Best this weekend at the marathon!

mtnrunR said...

Yes, go "Twins"! My friend Meghan Arbogast is running the marathon. She is 45 and trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials here in Eugene, Oregon. She has ran a few sub 2:45 marathons so she has a good chance to qualify. She was 8th this year at States and will be toeing the line at Squaw next year no matter what happens for the trials. I am not sure of her bib# quite yet but she will be one of the elite ladies.

Be careful of Chi running. This is only my opionion, and it might be lame. I found the book a little anticdotal and the reasoning had little substantial scientific proof. But who am I to say. If it works for you great!

Have fun.

marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

Good luck this weekend. I read Chi Running, bought the DVD, studied it, ran with the recommended 90 turnovers per minute metronome for 3 months...

....a big nothing. Slowest races of my life, no improvement.

Intervals, hills, distance, resitance training = improvement. Chi Running = hype and $$$ for the author (not very Chi).

That was my experience.


Joe said...

Good luck in TCM, Julie!! You'll be a couple of hours ahead of me as I run in Portland the same day!! Look forward to your race report!!

As die-hard Chicago Cub fan, I'm thrilled the Twins are in the playoffs and beat the Sox handily. Now you just need to pull all the "Homer Hankies" out of mothballs for the playoffs!!

Julie B said...

Good luck at the marathons this weekend; have lots of fun!

Thanks for the heads up on the Chi! I hadn't found a person who had read the book, let alone practiced the technique. I should have known, all I had to do was post the question here to my friends! I've about finished reading it, think I'll be starting Duel in the Sun soon.

robtherunner said...

Good luck at Twin Cities on Sunday.

Lora said...

Can't wait to see if an old back of the packer like I am currently, can do a sub-4 marathon.

Go for it Girl!!