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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rest, Recovery, Re-Evaluate and Rehash

Thank you for all of the nice comments you left for me. Who knew a person could find such support online by strangers..and even some of my in person friends left comments. Thanks Bonnie and Dallas!

Phil, I'm sorry about the PF, but you are right. Those 5 mile cliff runs are worth more than the 50 mile trail race. You'll get that one eventually but you don't want to risk the daily runs. They are what will keep you sane.

Olga and Rob, thanks for talking about me during your run on Sunday. I like that! I can't wait to meet you guys in person.

Donna Rae and some of her friends were betting on my finishing time. Donna bet I'd get 30 hours. Thanks for having that confidence in me DR! Sorry you lost the bet!

So my legs are still not working, it looks like I have no knees nor ankles, just a lot of water bloat from the muscle stress I suppose, salt and carb bloat. It will just take time to go down. The blisters are there, I'm wearing my Molaci Montrail slides to work with dress pants. My Principal keeps asking me to race him! Pretty funny, actually.

Steve is out of town for work until Friday so I am not cooking big dinners. I'm resting and reading. Luckily neither boys had practice last night and tonight elections are held so the games were cancelled. More couch time. I and the boys are eating salads with grilled lean meats. It's good for them, too, but they are tiring of it. Maybe I'll cave in and let them have Subway tonight.

I'm rehashing and re-evaluating the race. I'm deciphering what I've learned and planning the future.

Of course I keep thinking I should have tried hobbling to the next aid station, maybe I would have been better in 8 miles. Then I remember I thought that at the previous 3 aid stations and didn't get better.

I think what I could have done in training is more back to back long runs. Long run Saturday followed by a long run on Sunday with lots of walking mixed in to mimick the walking on tired legs for day 2 of the 100. Maybe some night runs on the Superior Hiking Trail. I think for the 50K next year up there in May, I'll run the 50K Saturday and go out and run another 20 on Sunday with lots of walking.

But then..I went and mailed in my Western States application last week. After this DNF, I don't think I would have done that. I probably would have waited a bit or not entered at all yet this year. But maybe there is a reason I applied so early? I don't know.

The Lottery for WS is held the first Saturday in December. If I get in, I'll make my plan there. Do I go for the Grand Slam? A very experienced Slammer is of the opinion I should. He told me each 100 is training for the next and that Wasatch is tough, but mostly mental tough and that he would help me with the mental training. Again, I have until December before I make my plans.

If I do get into WS, Maria had offered to attend the Memorial Weekend training camp with me, and pace me at WS, and Doug offered to crew. Doug may have had enough of crewing after Suuperior! Again, these are just the thoughts careening through my mind and I won't know for months if I need to make any decisions about WS and the GS and these plans were spoke of before Superior.

And should anything change because I DNF'd at Superior?

I learned alot about myself at Superior. I have a dark side. It came out up there. I am still learning about myself as I'm trying to put this whole experience into perspective.

Kerry Owens, who won the woman's race told me after the race 'word out on the trail was that Julie Berg overtrained' Why would people even bother talking about me out there? And talk about my training? I didn't talk about another person's traning out there or there performance. Maybe posting my training here isn't the wisest thing. Or maybe I just don't like critisism relating to my training. I didn't think that would bother me, but it does. I told Kerry I didn't believe over training was a reason for a DNF. I told her I didn't believe in over training. Wouldn't the reason that I didn't finish be because I WASN'T trained enough? She told me that would be her guess. She told me she agreed with me, she believe over training was an excuse people liked to use. I talked to her for a very long time. We went over my training and hers, I'm anxious to speak with her on the telephone soon.

Next run for me is Twin Cities Marathon in a few weeks, October 1. I don't think I'll push it much, this will be a training run for the Ed Fitz 100K a few weeks later. I love Ed Fitz. It's a relay and a solo ultra. Not many enter the ultra but there are many teams that participate. My Big Lake Run Club is going to have 2 teams. Fun Fun. I have posted a race report from last years Ed Fitz on the side bar. Lots of fun.

Originally I wanted to run TCM in 3:45 to qualify for Boston. I have the speed work in and all, but don't think after Superior I'll have the push. We'll see. Play it by ear I guess.

So that is where I am today. Who knows where I'll be tomorrow..


Joe said...

Julie you are awesome. A couple of comments:

a. Don't sweat "the word on the trail". You know what you need to do in training. Do it.

b. BQing in 3 weeks seems a bit much, given your kneew/blisters, etc. Training run at best. Perhaps better to just enjoy the thrill of running.

Hopw the WS lottery goes your way. A work colleage of mine has run it a couple of times and loved it.

robtherunner said...

I had a lot of these same feelings after CCC. I do not agree with the over training at all. I thought you did a great job of training. I know you are second guessing now and will make changes in the future, but I think we all do that. I had a lot more back to back long runs last year when I finished CCC including 2 50k's in 24 hours, a 50k followed by a marathon the next day, and a 50+ miler followed by a marathon the next day. Those were my key weekends in my opinion that really gave me the confidence I needed and it paid off. I may aim for similar back to back races next year.

olga said...

I do believe in overtraining, but I don't think you were overtrained at all. Those who hashed may not have trained enough. When I DNF'd at Leadville everybody (and I mean everybody) said I overtrained and overraced. I had run 22 ultras that year. And in-between trying for Slam I participated in 50k's. Was I "over"? Probably. Why did they talk about it? I'd like to think they cared for me, so don't be upset. They wanted to see me and you finish.
So, speaking of Slam - and I am not experienced by any means. I went into it by myself, but somewhat been pushed by public opinion, almost on a dare. Like "you got into WS, how often does it happen, and you are good-solid-crazy runner, it's time". This is what I think of it now. Going into every race, I knew ahead of time I won't like Vermont and Leadville. I dreaded it. It was a "part of Slam", I didn't respect it and wasn't excited to run it. Leadvile bit me. OK, I DNF'd because I have altitude problem, but I also wasn't excited to be out there. What I learned for myself, and it also has to do with running for the team, that I (me, not you) only run well (or even if not, still happy) if I do it for personal reasons. Not as "part" of anything. Grand Slam is simply a combo of 4 100s, what I can combine any other that I love. Because it has a spot on ultralist doesn't make it special or tougher (there are harder 100s). If your desire is to explore each of those Slam 100s - great. Mine was to have a name on a website, and it didn't work out.
What else? About that marathon. It was really hard to focus after DNF, no questions. Next race I didn't have enough mental will to do well. But in 4 weeks I picked the race, trained hard and ran very well. So eventually the pain does go away. And even though I still sometimes think of what I "could have, would have, should have", it's minor. And even though most people say I have to go back and crash that course - I won't. Because as I said, I didn't like LEadville for a variety of other reasons before I DNF'd.
Your training is perfect for you, Julie. And for many else if they'd like to put time and effort. If they choose not to, they can't judge you. But they can care for you. Because I think they like you:)

mtnrunR said...

You are great. Remember not only do you have to get in with States lottery but also in Wasatch. Yes, it now has a lottery begining next year. Yikes. That makes Slamming that much harder to do. Good luck.

marathonP said...

Thanks for the good advice Julie. I hope you recover quickly. When in doubt, as my friend Julie says, "run on." That's all that matters.

:) phil

Donald said...

Good luck (if you want to call it that) with the WS lottery. At least they have the two-time loser rule, so you'll get in one of these years for sure.