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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ultracentric 24 Hour

I've decided to enter the race. The Ultracentric 6-12-24-48 hour races, in Grapevine Texas.

I ran 116.8 at FANS 24 hour run in Minneapolis in June, so figured..why not try running that mileage again?

I have two long asphalt training runs coming up: Twin Cities Marathon is on Sunday and the Ed Fitz 100K is two weeks later. Both are great training runs for the 24 hour race.

I'm thinking it was meant to be.

At the Ultracentric (www.ultracentric.net) races the 24 Hour USA Team will be selected. Top men and women will make up the team. The "A" team will run 125+ miles for women, the "B" team will run 115+ miles.

I'm sure that the top notch 24/48 hour runners will be there, it will be pretty awesome to watch..and to run with some of them.

I'm stepping WWWWAAAYYYYY out of my comfort zone. I've never travelled out of state, alone, to a race venue before. I am going to fly into Dallas on Friday, November 17, run the 18th-19, and fly back home the 19th. Dallas is only a few miles from the race venue, so I won't have too far to travel back and forth.

I had already planned on being out of town this weekend because I was going to run with the Inov 8 Team at JFK. Since our team wasn't able to get together at JFK, this will work perfectly!


Last night I wasn't able to attend Run Club. I had an early township board meeting. I ran 5 miles with Topaz on the trail. I didn't feel like I had much energy..kind of strange.

Today I ran 5 on trail with Topaz in the AM, tonight will be 5 at the football practice.


mtnrunR said...

Trying for the "A" team? I think you can do it! Have fun at all your races!

angie's pink fuzzy said...


Cliff said...

is the Ed Fitz 100 k all on asphalt??

Have a good one.

olga said...

Oh, Jul, this is awesome! Never give up on your dream, you are strong mentally, you will get to it!

Lora said...

YAY!! I think it's great you're stepping out of your comfort zone..makes it that much more exciting before and after.

Good luck with it--I'll enjoy reading your prep getting there and the race report afterwards.

Go Jul!!!

Anonymous said...

What is this? Nothing about the Minnesota Twins? I thought you were a fan!!!
Just kidding . . .Keep up the good work on the running front and I heard through the "Grapevine" that you'll do just fine!

Julie B said...

Umm...no mntrunr..I don't think an A team is the cards..but I'll do my best and aim for 120. A gal can try..Yeah Cliff, most of the Ed Fitz is on asphalt..there is a bit of gravel, and gravel shoulders most of the way..but it is mainly asphalt.Anon..thanks for the nudge. Twins ROCK!!! Again, yeah! Thanks Olga..dreams are important! I like to live up to them :)

Joe said...

Grapevine, Texas is the burb directly north of DFW airport. You will see planes in and out all day while there.

What a plan!! Enjoy!!