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Monday, September 04, 2006


My body is definitely catching up on any sleep it may have been deprived of during these last few months of training and racing.

Since I am tapering I am not up at 430 AM for 20-30 mile runs. I'm laying in bed, sleeping.

Friday night I packed my running bag, set the alarm for 430 and went to bed at 930 and read for a while. I was planning on meeting my ultra buddies at Afton State Park.

At 430 I awoke, listened to the rain, thought about the articles I read the previous night by Francesca Conte, Catra Corbett, Bethany Hunter and Ann Trason; all stated how important extra sleep is the week prior to racing a 100 mile run, and promptly turned off the alarm and dug deeper into my down comforter. I awoke at 930. I haven't slept until 930 since I was doing hangovers. Incredible.

I awoke, cleaned house, (and it is still clean as the 'boys' went to the lake and I opted to stay home-scrumptious!)and headed over to Macy's for some back to work shopping for myself. I bought a new fall/winter wardrobe-all in a smaller size. Thank you Leanness Lifestyle!

Anyway, when I arrived home it was raining, the Twins were losing..and I took a nap on the couch with Toffee, my Ragdoll Cat. I slept for another 2 hours!

Again, last night I crawled into my wonderfully empty Select Comfort King bed, with Toffee (I sent Topaz to the lake too..he loves it there..and I miss him), at 930, read the Superior Hiking Trail book with my pace chart so I could visualize where I will be and when, and slept until 900! Holy man!

This morning I put on my clothing that I am wearing while running Superior 100, put on my run pack with bottles, an additional hand held for the first 50, camera, iPod, flashlight, batteries and all I'll be carrying, and headed out for a short 5 mile run. After moving some items around from pack to short pockets, to pouches I became comfortable. I meditated while running down the trail; thinking about the race, visualizing the run, crying but I'm not sure why; excitement, being in total awe, fear, welling up of emotion I guess. It was wonderful.

I've realized that I'm totally fine with not having a pacer. I've turned what I thought was a negative, into a positive. I've spoke with many that have run the 100 at Superior without pacer or crew and did fine. Many are running the race this year without pacer or crew. I probably won't have the luxury of a pacer/crew while I attempt the Grand Slam so this will be good practice. I've meditated, visualized..and SLEPT!

I'm ready.


Joe said...

A good week, Julie, to do just what you did...get some sleep, make sure you are hydrated, go over the details (again) of just what goes where. I like your 5 mile run, fully loaded...you never know how the gear will ride until you take it for a spin.

Keep smiling and enjoy the week!

marathonP said...

Good luck Julie. Rooting for you all the way.


Joggerblogger said...

Good Luck! really love reading your blog.

olga said...

Oh,so jealous! For sleep, yes, and for the prepareadness you carry. This is so smart to go out with all the packs close to the race - sometimes it seems I've tried it before, yet things do change.
Can't wait for your race! Will be so thinking of you!!

Sheila said...

Sounds like your head is in a good place. I won't be able to track you (up in WI volunteering at IMWI), but I'll be thinking about you.

2 words for you:


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great week leading up to a 100. Good for you! As you know I can't run, so I'm gonna have to live vicariously through you on this one... Stay just the way you are the whole race - positive and tough! You'll do great!

marathonP said...


Thinking about you during your run and sending you strength. Hopefully you made it through the night OK and are close to finishing.

Can't wait to hear about your latest conquest of your limits.


Cathy said...

I'm checking your blog every few hours looking for a race report. Nothing posted yet on the official Superior 100 race site. Hope (although I'm sure you did) that you did great and had no problems with the dark or your drop bag placement.