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Thursday, October 26, 2006

3 - A - Day

Yesterday was reminiscent of my summer vacation workouts. I had the day off for various appointments and was able to get in plenty of workouts during the day.

1) Running with Topaz on the trail. My favorite! We hit the trail at 8 AM and must have been the first ones on the trail as we saw LOTS of wildlife. I saw my first owl out there, a big feathery creature and it was huge, making a loud racket and the flying over my head. Awesome. I also saw 11 deer; now I don't know if they were the same deer over and over as I looped around the course but I did count 11 of them. They can hear the shotguns go off from the bird hunters near by and they all come into the Wildlife Refuge where they much know it is safe for them. 5 miles. :55

2) Gym workout: Abs Abs and more Abs with burst of cardio: stair stepper,eliptical and treadmill. I was soaked and exhausted. 1:30

3) Run Club: I haven't made it to Run Club in 3 weeks. Thankfully, they didn't give me my walking papers. I was tired so hooked up with the back of the pack and ran with Gene and Kay, from St. Cloud River Runners. We had a great conversation and fun run. Gene is turning 70, yeah 70 today! I would have guessed last 50's, maybe 60, but never 70 for his age. I want to be running like Gene when I'm 70!! :42

It was an awesome day. Today: full body weights with cardio interval training and trail run with Topaz. Yippee!


Cliff said...

Do Topez chase after the wildlife?

Where I live (the suburbs), if i see a crane or a deer, I am estactic already.

mtnrunR said...

Very cool. Gotta love being on the trail.

marathonP said...

Always inspiring to stop here...always.