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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Last Long One

I wanted to get in one last long asphalt run prior to Ed Fitz 100K next week. Now that I think about it, it probably wasn't even necessary. I just ran TCM last Sunday, that was probably plenty. Oh well.

Today's run began at 4 AM as I wanted to be back home before the boys awoke. Steve's out of town and I wanted to make them a pancake, eggs and bacon breakfast that I usually do on Sunday mornings. We attended service at 1045 so I needed to be home in time for that as well.

I didn't want to get out of bed! This has been a high mileage week and I ran 15 on the trail yesterday. I felt tired. And grumpy.

Out of bed, into run clothes, feel bad for Topaz because he is giving me a dejected look. Promise to take him on the trail this afternoon.

Then I forgot my iPod. Oh good grief, I can't run for 4 hours on asphalt without something to listen to. And I should have my vest with reflective tape which I haven't worn since last winter. Oh, and a flashlight.

Finally out the door. I was so bored. I didn't take a very exciting route. Just up and down a county road by home, into Big Lake, around the lake and gee, nobody is up walking their dog or riding their bike or anything at this hour..lonely. Maybe I should have brought Topaz?

I forgot my blister potion too. I could feel one begin on the arch of my foot but it never fully developed. Lucky.

THEN the sun began to rise..oh, spectacular! Now it was better than sleeping, and then I saw the trumpeter swans, oh yeah, beautiful, now I'm feeling better, enjoying time to myself, just running and thinking and enjoying this process.

Before I knew it I was back into our neighborhood, lights were on, people starting their day..and mine began 4 hours ago. I like that.

Breakfast was good, too :)

Now I taper. Again.


nico said...

Hi My Dear Julie,

It makes such a while that we haven't get in touch together. And I thank you for stopping in my blog. You said that I was tough, but look AT YOU my dear, look at all your running miles today and from where you come from. If I do have someone that I do admire into the fitness blog land, it is certainly YOU and I guess that I do miss our sharing contact of 2 years ago. I do honestly miss your touch and encouraging words toward me. Just too bad that we were not living close cause I guess that we could have made a good teams.

I hope that Tyler will catch HIS MOOSE once again, if I am not making any mistake, I think that it is his second hunting year. Isn't it?

Julie, if there is someone that do INSPIRE ME with her STRONG MIND ATTITUDE, let me say that it is YOU. You are much more stronger than I could be. Just too bad that I am not having a partner in crime.

And I do certainly miss our contacts.

Take care of you and God BLESS YOU


Herbert said...

I just stumbled on your blog and must say. Run Julie Run.
And I thought I was ambitious in sports.

Cliff said...

4 hr run..nuts..

enjoy your taper.. :0

LizN said...

Hey Julie

Enjoy your taper week. I could relate to everything you wrote about your long run, yes - I hate forgetting my music and there being nothing nicer to cruise in for breakfast after a long one. I'll be rooting for you for the next race!

Thanks for your support in my journal!
Liz N

Ellie said...

Dedication beyond dedication! Up and running at 4 so you can cook your boys their traditional Sunday breakfast before church.... totally amazing. Shows me what can be done :-)

olga said...

Jul, have fun tomorrow, and burn some rubber!!!