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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Too Busy to Blog?

It's unlike me to let 6 days pass without blogging! I've been swamped.

This week at work has been crazy; homecoming week and all of the festivities. Both boys are playing football..every day for Tyler and every evening for Troy. It's crazy! Township meetings and County meetings this week. The Township meeting was in the way of my weekly run club run. No fair I say!

So yeah, here is the weekend and I have a few minutes before Troy and I leave for his football game. I was able to run 15 miles on trail before we leave. Topaz was kind of skittish in the dark, in the woods. It was funny to watch him walk apprehensively up to a pile of shadows, sniff, and then decide it was ok to pass on by. Funny!

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. Too bad my camera was home charging for the game. All pinks and oranges and beauty.

Today is supposed to be 78F! I think this may be the last beautiful weekend before winter begins to dawn upon us.

OK, so the Twins sure didn't make it very far in the playoffs, did they? Yikes. Just didn't have what it took. Guess I won't be going to the game on Sunday! Ha. Well, not funny, really.

Next Saturday is the Ed Fitz 100K. The Big Lake Run Club has formed a team again so they will be up there, I'll be running it solo. Alicia is going to crew for both Scott and I, yippee! She is an awesome crew, not to mention an awesome friend, so we'll have a great weekend. A bunch of us are staying at Kathy's in Duluth so we'll have fun all around. I know I, Scott and John are running; I think Eve, Duke and Cheri and crewing for John. I'm looking to beat last years time of 1153. Anything less is good for me. Hell, a finish is always good!

The following weekend a few friends of mine are competing in a body building/figure competition in Elk River. Two years ago I attended and was going to be on stage in two years. I didn't make that a priority, did I. I love lifting. I love a muscular body. I love the way it makes me look and feel. I think I'm going to get back into it, seriously. Now that the running season is closing here in MN, that's where I may be..back in the gym, pumping iron. Of course, I would still run..there just aren't any races to train for, I need something out there to progress toward!

Have an awesome Saturday! I need to get to a football game.


marathonP said...

Keep it up Julie.

Apologies if I am being presumptuous, but I wanted to share a little mini-rant: the tragedy of sponsorship, specifically relative to the icon for this: Dean Karnazes.

Question: What is the danger and inevitable loss with sponsorship? Answer: not being able to be honest (sponsorship filters all negativity) makes one irrelevant.

My example: Karno's 50 Miles in 50 States in 50 days: ( http://enduranceis.typepad.com/ ). Karno has completed 20 marathons in 50 days...so sad its been reduced to irrelevance. Let me explain.

I am a great fan of Karno (Dean Karnazes). I read "UltraMarathon Man: Confessions of an All Night Runner" and loved it. LOVED IT!! I loved the honesty: hating his high school track coach, dealing with the death of his sister, being drunk in a bar on his 30th birthday and hitting on a girl after his wife left for home. He shared how he moved beyond his growing misery and saved himself in running. Real honesty, real life, real insight, so inspiring to read. The book made a differnence.

Enter sponsorship by North Face. Now read his blog on his 50 Marathons. This blog should be incredible...full of insights, of the reality of overcoming pain, agony, self doubt, problems with equipment, problems with his marriage given such a non-marriage commitment...you know, the real stuff he reaches beyond to do this extraordinary thing. But if you read the sponsored blog, it is beyond inane: "what a great day, what great people, what a great city, I will never, ever forget this day." Not real, not insightful, not inspiring, not remotely worth reading. Not relevant.

Sponsorship requires the filtering of honesty, because it is after all marketing. And without the honesty, there is no relevance for others. Sadly, Karno says he is trying to make a difference with this extraordinary event (an event someone else completed in admirable anonymity). But by allying himself (selling himself in fact) with North Face, he removed his relevance. He sold his ability to be honest.

That's what makes real blogs so valuable (especially yours Julie): the honesty about how you face and overcome the real adversity.

Just my opinion...sorry for taking up so much space.

:) phil

olga said...

I can't beliebve Ed Fitz is up already! Oh, have fun, Julie! I will be with you in spirit, since I can't be otherwise:)
I like lifting too, before I started running like crazy, I did it quite a lot and loved the way my body looked as well. You just gave me an idea for this upcoming winter break! Thanks!
p.s. and judging by your pictures, you should enter next competition:)

olga said...

To Phil - marathonp:

I understand your anger about Dean's blog, but don't be turned off simply because of sponsorships, it's not true. It's personality. And I am talking about elite athletes, not just regular folks who represent. Go visit Krissy Moehl:

Joe said...

Julie, have a great taper week leading to Ed Fitz!! Look forward to your report!

And, be grateful for the Twins. I'm a die-hard Chicago Cub fan. And we died hard this year...the worst team in the NL. It could be a lot worse. I'm just glad for the Tigers to knock off the Yankees!!!

marathonP said...

Thanks for the tip and the link Olga. I'll check it out.