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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekend Fun

This weekend was all about family. Friday afternoon I was talking with my Mom and Dad, who live in Virginia, MN; about 250 miles North of here. They didn't have any plans for the weekend and we didn't really have any set plans for the weekend. Maybe a dinner out, a movie, nothing too scheduled. Free and easy. By the end of our telephone conversation Mom and Dad were packing their bags and spending their weekend with their two daughters.

They are both 65 years old now, in very good health, both have recovered from various cancers and other serious medical issues. Mom golfs every day (they winter in TX) and Dad walks with her every day and runs 4 times a week. I and Dad ran Grandmas Marathon 2000 together. What a treat that was, a day we will never ever forget. The whole family and many friends were with us that weekend.

Saturday morning my sister Laurie, Mom, Dad and I all met at the trail for a walk/run. We ran the first 5 mile loop and then ran/walked a second loop. It was a beautiful morning and it was so wonderful to spend our time together running.

We all went shopping and out for lunch later in the day. I had everyone over for dinner (stuffed pasta shells/green salad/garlic cheese bread/Walford Astoria Red Cake) and this morning we did it all over again.

We all met at the trail, ran 5 and then ran/walked another 5. I headed off to my church, Laurie and Mom went to Lauries'. I went to the gym for a lift of shoulder/bicep and tricep with cardio inbetween: 1:40.

After dinner tonight (salmon steak, asparugus, yams, pecan pie) we all went for a 40 minute walk. This time Tyler, Troy and Lukas ( my nephew) joined us on their bikes.

Family..what a great way to spend the weekend :)


marathonP said...

Love it Julie, running a marathon with your Dad. I have this ultimate dream of running a marathon with my daughter (currently 16) some day. She says I'm crazy to think it'll happen.

I'm not crazy :) Thanks for rekindling a great dream.

You live a GREAT life Julie. You live well.


Julie said...

What a terrific weekend, Julie. You were blessed! Sounds like a family weekend that will definately stay in your memories.