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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Family and Feast

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving #2 on Thursday. My parents, some relatives from Bemidji and St. Cloud and Laurie and her family all came over. We had a fabulous time. We played cards, dominoes, watched old movies of family and ate. And ate. And ate. Oh lord: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, lefse, cranberry hot dish, salads, cookies, pecan pie, ice cream, red cake..too much. Luckily we began the day with a 10 mile run/jog on the trail. Laurie is really getting into this running thing. She asked if I had an extra water bottle carrier for her to use. Of course! I just love it.

Friday was all about shopping. It is tradition that Laurie, Mom, me and sometimes Dad hit the malls or shop somewhere on Black Friday. Not because of sales, no...we do we get up and out at 5 AM. We just spend the day shopping together, just because we are all together and we can. This year Dad went with Tim and Steve to Cabellas and Gander Mountain. Steve bought his Christmas present already! He decided on a gun scope, case and a number of other 'gun/hunting' things. Mom, Laurie and I hit Arbor Lakes/The Fountain of Maple Grove. We shopped for a few hours and had enough. I finished up Christmas shopping and we just had a good time together, laughing and such.

Back to our house for leftovers. Oh man, one microwave and a 4 burners on one stove was not enough to reheat everything! Plus Mom had to prepare lutefisk and lutefisk is just wrong. I try it each year and just can not get past feeling it in my mouth. Ewww. I stuck to salads and turkey. Tyler had some lutefisk and was up from 11 PM to 4 AM puking. I'm sure he is blaming it on the lutefisk. Ick.

My parents will head out of state, to TX, on Monday until April. Each time they go I worry that I may not see them again. Sad, but hey, you never know. They drive all they way there and back, and so far, have been safe. We usually fly out for a long weekend to visit them during the winter. I'm thinking about President's weekend in February for our visit.

It's late this morning and we haven't even left for a run yet. I and Topaz are on our way..15 miles today. Mom and Laurie are thinking about getting in 5. Today: hitting the Outlets at Albertville.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Hi...I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I didn't know you were from around the area! I'm from Delano...what a small world!

marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

Beautiful family. Your post reminds me of our visits to Minn to see my relatives: 106 year old great aunt lived in St Paul and some up on Big Sandy.

Enjoy your 15. I'll be out for 14 making my way back from PF. I'll start adding yoga do help with fighting injuries going forward. Do you do yoga?


Julie B said...

Hi anonymous! Isn't that crazy? We are neighbors practically!!

Hey Phil, Tyler goes to Big Sandy with his youth group each summer. It is beautiful! I'm SO glad that you are recovering nicely. Slow and easy. I have a P90X yoga DVD that kicks my butt every time. I have never taken any yoga classes, pilates, but not yoga. Enjoy!

marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

I'm using P90X YogaX too...should help alot.

I ran into a woman who is running the Catalina Island 50 during today's 14 miler. She has done it 5 times and said her longest run is 25 miles, once a week leading up to it. I blew my foot out after a 35 miler 5 months before the race...pretty stupid huh?!?!

She said her longest week is 70 miles. She renewed my desire for 50, and gave me a sense of confidence that I can do the mileage to prepare. What do you think??

:) phil

olga said...

I ate like crazy for a week, and we don't even celebrate T-day back in Russia!!