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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Getting Longer

Yesterday Topaz and I ran 15 miles..I figured we might as build on that long run, my longest since Ed Fitz. Today I woke up early, we hit the trail before dawn for 20 miles. Topaz stirred up the snoozing deer and had a blast herding them back to me. I couldn't see that well, as it was still very dark, but made enough noise to make them turn away from me.

I became tired at about 15 miles..Topaz was still full of energy, bounding after grouse and trumpeter swans. I was taking some walk breaks, he was not.

20 miles took us 3:40; enough time for the frost to melt, for the temperature to increase from 14F to 34F and enough time to tire me out!

I came in and prepared Thankgsgiving Meal Number 1, as family flew in from CA on Friday. Topaz chose to go outside and run after the boys playing paint ball for 5 more hours.

Good grief!

I had planned to attend JFK 50 mile this weekend, then chose Ultracentric. When family decided to fly into town, I decided not to race and Steve gave up a weekend of deer hunting.

Maybe next year.


marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

Happy upcoming Thanksgiving!! I finally am back out running again after having to rest my PF for a few months...boy does that suck. I see a podiatrist on Tues to see if I need an orthotic or what. Did a 12 miler today and its so great to be back running.

I won't be able to do the 50 miler I was so set in Jan, but oh well. I'll talk to the doctor and I plan on slowly getting trained for the LA Marathon in March.

All the best!


Julie B said...

Hi Phil! Congrats on the 12 miler; I bet it felt sooo good to be out there again, I'm so happy for you! Oh well is right on the 50 miler, you'll probably enjoy the LA Marathon more than ever, after coming off an injury. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Phil! I'm glad you are back out there running. Run Gently!

Anonymous said...

I went to your Leanness Lifestyle food page and this came up:

The member you are seeking is either invalid or they have chosen to keep their account private. Please confirm the LCN of the person you are seeking or ask the member to EDIT THEIR ACCOUNT to make their data public.

Can we not keep up on your diet as well as your running anymore?? :(

Julie B said...

I think there is a glitch with the LL food link right now. My weight enters 10 pounds heavier this week and now the message that I'm not public. I didn't know anyone even checked my food link. I'm kind of suprised; as it is pretty much the same 10 items over and over. I'm sure it will be up and running again soon once David clears it up.

marathonP said...

I read you LL log sometimes to Julie. I want to know all your secrets so I can become an ultra-wonder too :)

I saw a podiatrist BTW and he said my arches are normal, so no long term PF concern or necessary orthotic. Which means I'm plotting my way back to a 50...just a year later than I'd planned.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.