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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Seeing Orange

This morning the deer hunting opener for rifle took place. Steve and Tyler headed up north to get the almighty buck. I and Troy will be home enjoying the next three weekends in each other's company.

I and Topaz headed out for the trail early this morning. The hunters were out and shooting. The trail which I run is closed to hunters, and it is well posted as such. However, there are hunters surrounding the property, and the sound of gun fire in unnerving. I have orange running jackets - and Topaz wears his orange dog jacket as well. We ran a nice 10 mile route, never seeing any hunters but watched many many deer. Topaz was very busy herding them back to me.

After the run I came home and picked up Troy. We headed to the gym. I had a plyometric workout on tap. Oh good lord almighty. It kicked my ass. Big Time.

Last night the new trainer emailed me this workout and I was like, 'wow, no weights!' Well, no wonder. He wrote me to go hard and fast on the cardio, which I did. Warmed up with 10 minutes running, then plyometrics. Step jumps, jump over step, lunge on step, stairstepper break, jump on and off step, mountain climbers, elipitical break, bend and thrust, dumbbell step up with lunge, walking lunges and finish off with a 15 minute sesson on the treadmill at 8.5 mph. HELLO!

I was wringing wet and exhausted. Yeah. He calls this a 'fat stripping bootcamp workout'. I call it hell. I don't want to see it on my workout list again! I'm sure I will be there again.


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massoman said...

the threat of plyometrics will make me tell every secret i know.
you did a great job in finshing that workout.