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Sunday, November 12, 2006

'Tis The Season

My cookie baking season began today. 20 dozen Buckeye and 20 dozen Russian Tea Cakes. Next week will be all about Pecan Pies, Waldorf Asotria Red Velvet Cake, Oreo Brownies, Lefse and Rosettes. Sweets for family (I live with three cookie monsters), teachers, co-workers, run club, book club, etc. Put a few dozen on a festive plate, some ribbon, wala, a great gift..that tastes good too!

On the running front, yesterday was 10 miles on the trail with Topaz and a 60 minute cardio crazed run on the treadmill. Today we ran 15 miles on the trail..because we hadn't run that far in a long time. Felt great!

I remembered that I have one broken snowshoe from the marathon last January. I still haven't had it fixed. I don't know if it is fixable or if I need to buy another. Is a person able to buy ONE snowshoe? Hmmmm...I know REI is holding a woman's snowshoe seminar in a bit. I wonder why women would be separate from men? Just curious. Is there a 'men's' snowshoe seminar? Strikes me as odd..


Karen in Calgary said...

Lefse! I'll be right over.

We just had aebelskivers for brunch today. Do you make those?

Do you eat your lefse with sugar and/or cinnamon, like we do?

Julie B said...

Hi Karen! I don't know what an aebelskiver is!! On the lefse..butter. I've never had with sugar. Lefse and Lutefisk, yum yum!

olga said...

How can you bake and not binge on those? I made oatmeal cookies yestarday and ate 3!

Julie B said...

Hi Olga! I haven't binged..yet..never say never though!