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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Hills Are Alive..I am not..

I do I do feel dead! This is the year that hills will not kill. I will be strong running up and down hills. I will train on hills, I will, I will!

Yesterday Troy had a basketball tournament in Big Lake. After a few hours of basketball I volunteered for a few more hours at the concession stand. It is always the same parents who volunteer for everything. Sit courtside to make sure each child has equal playing time .. no one will raise their hand. 14 boys, there is at least one parent with each boy..some have two parents and will anyone raise their hand to help the coach out? Hell no. OK, up goes my hand. I'll help. Hell I'm at every game anyway. Now for each game I will be sitting on the bench with the boys. I will not be working any more concession stands, however. My time was served.

After basketball duties I hit the asphalt and hills. The Monticello route that my triathlon friend, Susan, ran with me last year. Oh man. It was as tough as I remembered. Last year I ran the route 3 times. This year I'll be running it once every 1-2 weeks. It's a killer.

I headed out at 1:00 with Espresso Hammergel and two 24 oz bottles filled with HEED. I brought some money and more HEED in plastic baggie so I could purchase water at the convenience store and mix up another supply. I had a few bars and some cliff blocks to try out. Grabbed my iPod and I was all set.

The first 15 miles went by pretty well. No aches and pains, drinking, eating, all is well. I was given FREE water by a cute guy working in the store, mixed up my heed and ate a few cliff blocks, which were OK. By 20 miles I was tired. I have only run a 20 once since Ed Fitz in mid October, so my body isn't all that used to that distance yet. I do have a snowshoe (or trail shoe the way the weather is looking) marathon next month so I better begin some long run training. Any how, the pavement, the hills, merciless hills and 20 miles kicked my ass. By 24 miles I was plain old exhausted and thinking of a hot shower. I reached my car just before dusk.

Geeze, I had a concert to go to! Tyler asked me if I'd take him to the 93X Nutcracker. It was his first concert and I was flattered he wanted ME to take him. I must not be too much of an un-cool Mom. I would have rather died than go to a concert with my Mom. Never ever. So, yeah, I was pretty excited. I was tired, but it was a lot of fun.

This morning was 15 EASY miles on the trail. Slow and easy. While sitting through church I almost feel asleep. I'm tired, a good tired, you know?


marathonP said...

Voluteering at basketball, 24 miles, with son at concert, 15 miles, at church...your average American weekend. NOT.

Julie, you are incredible. You are the stuff of a champion. Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong probably understand you fully, the rest of us can only wonder. Awesome.

I went for an 18 miler and have my appetite set for that 50 miler Julie. PF stopped me in 2006, but it won't in 2007. I am adding yoga and more plyo into my training to get my feet ready. I even ran 18 in Nike Frees yesterday and my feet felt GREAT and strong.

You are a champion Julie. 99.99% of the people on this planet hold back; you do not. You hold nothing back. I want to be like that.

:) phil

Anonymous said...

I left a comment this morning, but it got eaten:) And I said - wow! What a weekend! So many miles, I am jealous, in a good way. Not to mention the fun you had with kids!

Anonymous said...

All of us who follow what you eat as well as your running are still wondering what the heck happened to your food journal.

Julie B said...

If there is something that I love to do , or someone that I love, I will make time for it. I love running, I love the boys sports, it all fits in.
I'm so glad your training is going well Phil! Olga, it felt good to put in big miles again. I took quite a break from October 15 to now. It was a good rest but I'm ready to rock and roll for '07. Anon, I took a lot of flack for the food journal so am just not having it public for a while. I am still logging everything, it is just for my eyes right not.

Anonymous said...

Who would give you flack over what you log in for eating each day??
I'm thinking that the person is just jealous that you stay in the 135-145 pound range by eating well and exercising!

~ Jude ~ said...

wow - just wow. You're inspirational, and I'm another one who misses your food journal. As soon as I returned to LL (yesterday!), I looked for it!! Just know that when you're ready to share again, some of us will be really happy to continue learning from you.