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Saturday, December 02, 2006

No Western States in 2007

I simply forgot that the lottery for Western States was being held today. I had read that each entrant had a 26% chance of receiving an entry into the race, so I never really felt I'd get in.

Olga reminded me of it today, and alas, I was not selected.

I would like to attend the Western States training camp in May. Three days of running 70 miles along the trail, now that sounds like fun! Who knows..maybe I'll enter next year..but if I had to enter today, I wouldn't.

Last year I really wanted to run the Grand Slam, but it is tough to have a goal that could be unattainable. Wasatch is now a lottery, and hitting WS and Wasatch the same year could be damn near impossible. I think I'll let that goal go and think up a few more instead. I think I will just try to finish Superior 100 as well as McNaughton and FANS. I like those races and they are near home, that is important when selecting my races.

I've been feeling under the weather and I believe a full blown flu is on it's way. Tyler was sick last week, I suppose it is going to be my turn.


robtherunner said...

Sorry you didn't get in. I did not enter, but hopefully will be going as crew/pacer. I'll begin entering the lottery next year when school won't be such a major focus. I'm trying to decide on a 100 to focus on for 2007.

olga said...

Julie, good attitude. WS, although still been my favorite, is not the "one and only". There are also all kind of toher slams. Or you can create your own. Being close to home is important for me too.

marathonP said...


Its all about adjusting and adapting isn't it. When I lost the ability to do the Catalina Island 50 in Jan 07 because of my foot...boy, depressing. But I had to rest, and I'm back charged for making a run in 2008.

There are so many great challenges out there. The key isn't which challenge, its just HAVING one that is the key. And no one knows that better than you: The Challenge Queen.

I'm training to get back with the LA Marathon 2007, and then I'll build to 50 from there. The foot is feeling great. Set-backs are all part of the process aren't they. You just adapt, and move forward :)

Take care, Phil

Lora said...

You have a great attitude...very healthy. Lots of choices in the midwest, thankfully!! I'll be looking forward to all those reports!!

marathonP said...

ps: Reading through your blog again from the beginning Julie. This could be a best selling book, I tell you. And its packed full of great ultra information, from foods, to speed work, to weight training, to foot potions. What an education. Thank you.


Ryan said...

WS lottery gets tougher every year with more and more people applying, I'm applying for 2008 and hey if you get two strikes on the third year you apply you get an automatic entry. If you’re officially registered for the slam these two events don’t give you special consideration?? How does anyone prepare? Good luck with the other races!

Anonymous said...

What's up with the Leaness Lifestyle food page? It's still saying that you want to keep it private. When will it be up again?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get in - :-(

But your schedule is still really something to be proud ofm and you are inspiring a lot of folks out in blogland!

One of these days I'll do a 50-miler and if that goes well, maybe a 100. But I don't know how you can even imagine that in the mountains!!!

Do you do the Colorado Relay? A bunch of people on my Running club do it every year - this year we had 25 - our team name is Puke-and-Rally. I'm signed up for this year... if it fits in your schedule, join us!! (September) There is an all-female Ultra Team going - I'm not sure if they have a 5th and final runner yet....

Julie B said...

I haven't yet thought up my running plan for '07.

Phil, you flatter me! I don't know that this blog is THAT interesting..um, know a publisher? Just teasing..I'm glad you are training for LA.

Jenny, I haven't run the CO relay..sounds like fun though! There is the River Relay from WI to MN in August that I am interested in trying too..it may be too close to Superior 100 though. THAT will be my main 100 for 07.