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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Racing the Sun..Set

Yesterday was Tyler's 15th Birthday. I can't even believe that 15 years has passed since his birth. Those of you that are parents know exactly what I mean. It's crazy. You ask yourself how did this happen even though you know exactly how it happened.

As per tradition since Kindergarten, I brought in a sheet cake to his class to serve and sing Happy Birthday. I thought once he entered HS he may balk at that idea, but he didn't. He enjoyed it very much, as did his classmates. For dinner he invited 5 boys over for my manicotti and more cake.

I didn't make it to Run Club because of the birthday celebration but did make it to the trail. Man, I have been fighting the cold weather for weeks. I have been complaining about it and dreading going out for my runs. It's been a mental battle that I finally overcame last night. The sun was shining brilliantly, the temperature was 17F with a -8 windchill. I wore three pair of pants, three tops and a jacket, gloves and mitts and a facemask. The full facemask was the ticket! It felt wonderful to run in the sunshine! I and Topaz ran 10 magnificent miles and had to race the sunset to finish at dusk.

Today I am looking forward to my evening run.


Cliff said...

-8 is cold. Here we just got some snow. I only have to wear two layers..never imagine wearing tri layers.

olga said...

I know exactly what you mean, this Saturday my younger turns 11 and the older...gosh...16! And to think I haven't aged...when I can stand next to Alex and dream of going places with this young man to show him off...crazy!
I am into dark runs these days as well, either 5 am or 7 pm. At times I do squeeze a short trail daunt, but for the time beeing it's mostly roads...location and darkness. I actually gotten used to them and to dodging the cars.

Lora said...

It gets real crazy the older the kids get. I just visited my 22-year old son in his newly purchased home--talk about nutty--he was wiping down the counters and the floors and cooked me dinner! Whose kid is this???

brrrrr....you're much braver than I. I usually have 20 degrees as my limit and then i'm on the treadmill. So that's where I've been the last week....very sad!

massoman said...

that's cold. glad you got the face mask thing figured out. i need one of those.

massoman said...

oh yea...don't think about it to much now, but
wait 'till grand kids. you're gonna have so much fun.

Susan said...

Hi Julie - tell Topaz he's famous today. www.completerunning.com