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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Three Shirt-er

This morning when I awoke the temperature was -6F with a windchill of -18F. I don't think we've had below zero yet this winter, unreal, but true. Heck, it was in the 40's just a week or two ago with downpours of rain. Crazy but true. Well, not today.

As I told Troy what the temperature was outside, he told me "Mom, it's a three shirt-er day for your run today". He was right on. One pair of fleece lined tights, a pair of baggie tights, two thin technical shirts, one heavy technical shirt and a soft shell, one pair of gloves and a heavy pair of mittens, a neck gaiter, a heavy hat, my thickest most warm Smartwool socks and my new favorite Gortex Flyrocs. After 5 miles I was sweating pretty heavily so I went back to the car and left one of the thin shirts behind, grabbed a gel, tried to get Topaz to drink and headed out for 5 more miles. I stayed warm and dry. I did loop back at the car before heading out for the final 5 for more drink and another gel. I didn't want to bottles under my jacket or deal with frozen HEED so I kept drink and gel in the car. Topaz didn't want much to drink but he did munch on a bit of ice and snow here and there. He even did the 'cold paw dance' once or twice. While he stops to listen for something-a pileated woodpecker or running deer-he would lift up a paw or two while standing. I have never tried those little dog booties for him. It's not very often that we are out running in below zero temps.

With what felt like 30 extra pounds of clothing on, my running was pretty slow. It's pretty icy on the trail now, the snow is compacted down, then we had some rain that made a glare sheet of ice upon the top, it makes for slow going. I ran 15 miles in just under three hours.

The Snowshoe Marathon is next Saturday. I don't even know if there is any snow in Duluth. I'm glad the races weren't held this Saturday. It was almost -20F in Duluth this morning.

Today my gym began a Fitness/Weight Loss Challenge. Of course, I entered. I couldn't resist. I get to weigh in weekly at the gym, have my body fat tested weekly, have pictures taken every 4 weeks with a final weigh in mid April. I don't know why I enjoy being accountable to someone else! I truly do. I think that is why I loved being a member of Weight Watchers for so long. I did see that most of the people on the list had weighed in at 200+ pounds. There was only one person in the 140's. I went it after my run to have all of the data calculated.

It was encouraging to see that the trainer is encouraging contestants to lift 3x a week, include interval training for cardio and to eat 5-6 meals a day. Looks like the Body For Life way of eating/exercising is becoming the norm for all. That's a good thing.

No basketball today; Troy has a bye week. We're going to see Eragon. Have a great weekend!


Ellie said...

Hey, Julie! Do you do the Body for Life eating plan while endurance-training? Do you follow the strength-training plan as well? I've been wondering if they're compatible with marathon training.

I used to use boots on a long-haired dog who got snowballs between her toes. She tried to shake them off at first, but as soon as we got outside, she understood the advantage immediately and was very happy.

Julie B said...

Hi Ellie,

I no longer follow BFL, but it was the first program that I followed where I learned to lift weights. I have been lifting heavy since, 4+times a week. I believe it has made me a stronger runner. I no longer follow the way of eating, my palm size was always growing! But it is the first program that taught me to eat 4=6 times a day. I still follow that rule of thumb, using Leanness Lifestyle, ala, Paleo Eating for Athletes. I usually eat a 40/40/20 diet with carbs and proteins at 140 grams or so.

Runner Susan said...

three-shirt-er is my new favorite word! Ha. Love it.

I've started lifting heavy too Julie. It's been 3 weeks and I'm finally starting to see results. How do you find the heavy lifting with running, help or not?