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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I SO reek at swimming! I like to float around in my pool, soak in the sunshine and drink Diet Pepsi, you know? My pool used to be 90F before I could get in, but last year I weaned myself off of 90 to 86F..pretty good. Actually, I became tired of the boys taunting me.."Mom can't get in, it's not 90!"

I have triathlon on the goal path for this year so I had to take to the pool this morning. It was cold. It wasn't fun. I suck at it. I swam 25 yard of free style, then 25 yard of breast stroke. I could swim breast stroke forever. I can't swim free style for more than 25 yards..when I am out of air and weak. Good grief!

One thing I noticed, I kind of like sucking at swimming. It gives me a goal to reach for, you know? I can run long and slow forever, now I'm getting damn good at intervals..swimming is something new. Something new to hate (yes, I used to HATE running..I SO sucked at it!), a new goal to attain. Can I imagine swimming 2.4 miles in Ironman? HELL NO! But I will, damn right I will.

I signed up for the Gear West University program taking place February 18. They have programs in triathlon nutrition, changing tires, swimming and running. Carrie Tollefson is going to speak during one of the classes. I know nothing about triathlon, other than the books I've read and the blogs I visit. I have much to learn. I have no experience whatsoever.

My first triathlon is the Chain of Lakes in Alexandria. The swim portion takes place in a pool (safe) and then we head out for the bike and run portion. My friend Susan came in first or second in her elite division last year. She signed up again this year so I won't be totally alone and embarrassed.

Lifetime Triathlon was on my radar, but after speaking with many, I've found that the open swim is rather busy and scary there. Lots of pro's and maybe not the best choice for an Oly. first for me. I was hoping to do this one because it was part of Team in Training. Guess I'll check the calendar for another. I don't want to be scared off from the get-go.

Today: Swim: 25 yards freestyle/25 yards breaststroke 4 x Run: intervals for 30 minutes, 8 miles with Topaz on trail and 40 minutes RT: chest/back.


nancytoby said...

Go Julie!! The nice thing about swimming is that you can crank up the distances MUCH MUCH faster than running. And it's always a nice fallback for running injuries, plus excellent cross-training!!

TriFeist said...

Don't worry. I started swimming the exact same way.

And the stories of rough open water swims are greatly exaggerated. Honestly. All you have to do it wait for all the impatient fast people to run into the water. Then you slowly wade in to start your swim. Stay on the outside of the swim course and no one will bother you. I would not let it keep you from your goal race.

olga said...

Wow, Julie, like youir attitude: I like to suck and get the goal! You go, girl! I need to rub off some from you, may be I'll jump in a pool too:)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask, but did you run in the new year like in past years? What a great way to start out the year! I'm SURE you did it just to keep up the tradition!

Ironayla said...

I started the same way with my swimming. It just takes some time. I barely swam 25 yards and thought to myself... I have my work cut out for me if I am going to swim 400 yards. That was October of 2001 and by August 2003 I did my first IM. You too can do the same thing!

Swimming has always been my biggest hurdle.. mentally. :)

I echo what trifeist says about the open water swims. Let everyone else go so you have your space to swim.

Ellie said...

You sound like me when I started learning freestyle! I could do about 4 strokes before floundering. Aimed for 5, then 6... and I DID become able to swim 2.4 miles of freestyle (even though I did my first 1/2-IM with breast stroke, yes I did....)

RunBubbaRun said...

One lap at a time, I always say. You will definetly get there. I could not even swim 25 yards when I started.

Welcome to the TRI world.

cathy said...

Hey Julie

I came across something that may interest you. A guy who spoke at one of my MBA classes is giving away his entry into the North Pole Marathon. You can learn more here


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So if you are feeling really gutsy...I think you could certainly write a compelling entry and win this all inclusive opportunity.

Lora said...

There's nothing like having an exciting new goal! Good for you for always searching one out!

From what I've read about you, you'll achieve this goal and surprise mostly yourself!