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Monday, February 19, 2007


Really! The forecast for this week in MN is 35-40F! ABOVE ZERO. Finally! If you haven't lived the past 6 weeks at below freezing you don't know how miserable it really is. I'm sick of warming up my car for 10 minutes and still climbing into it cold. I'm sick of the 'Minnesota Hunch' (squishing one's shoulders up into their neck..and why?) , sick of three pair of pants, three shirts and a jacket for running, sick and tired of being cold cold cold.

Minnesota weather is all about the wind chill in the winter..really..it makes a HUGE difference in comfort..and the dew point in the summer. I don't complain about heat and humidity. I love it, the warmer..the better. I love going to Florida and Jamaica. I'm not too crazy about going to Alaska. Even in the summer.

Because it is Presidents Day today, the boys and I have it off. Yippee. Topaz and I hit the trail for 15 miles..it just felt so good to feel warm air..a blistering 29F and a light wind. I saw a robin! It was fabulous.

When Maria and I ran on Saturday around the lakes we saw a group of 5 or so robins in a frozen apple tree. They were big and fat. A sure sign of spring!

I'm been re-arranging my summer race schedule. The boys were very noncommital about the 50K in Superior. They don't care if they come along, kind of like been there done that, whatever, we really don't want to go..so I decided I'll do Ice Age 50 Mile instead that weekend. I'd like to do the Kettle Morraine 100 a few weeks later, on roughly the same trail, so I guess Ice Age makes more sense. I have run the course 3 times in the past and it really is a fun race. A 50 mile will serve me better than a 50K at that point. Now I only need to be able to get the last day of school off, which is when I'd leave for Kettle. That could be problematic. If it is, I'll settle for FANS the following day. I don't need any time off for FANS.

I also added another race, Vermont 100 Mile! It is held on July 21, a week before Voyaguer 50 mile, so I won't be doing that one for the first time in my ultra running experience. Ah well, I need to try some new races. Vermont will be Alicia's first 100, I'm so happy to get to experience it with her. I've never flown into a race destination before, I'm very excited! We'll arrive Thursday and head home on Monday. Woohoo!

I'm thinking the week before Vermont 100 I could do a slow Voyaguer Half. It begins at the finish of V 50 and goes back to Carlton. Dogs are allowed, I could bring Topaz - if it isn't too warm - and take it nice and easy, lots of walking, in preperation for Vermont. We'll see. I wouldn't want to push it so close to Vermont and it would be great fun to do a race with Topaz. I'd spend plenty of time in the river and at the aid stations.

The boys have baseball registration tonight; another sure sign that spring is around the corner. I purchased our Twins tickets today as well, another sure sign!


mtnrunR said...

Looks like you have your own little "slam" going. I just sent my entry into Kettle. I'm committed now... In more than one way.

Cliff said...

Heat wave that's for sure...

this year i only had to wear triple layer once...

Can't wait until spring comes...

olga said...

Vermont is pretty and so-o runnable...it hurts:)
Good job on running long!

Ryan said...

YUP me too! Good to hear you got to enjoy some nice weather! Hang in there winters almost over, although I think you have it worst than us here in New England.
Glad to see VT100 made the race schedule, looking forward to running into you there = )

Happy running!