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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let It Snow..Let It Snow..Let It Snow

Interesting that my last post was all about heat and sun and warm running. Not so today. The forecasters had been talking about a storm for our area all week long. I figured it was all hype and we'd be lucky to get a few inches.

I ran the Monticello hilly asphalt yesterday; luckily the snow was only starting and the roads were fine. The route didn't beat me up quite as much as it normally does. I finished in less than 4 hours and felt OK.

Spent the afternoon at the movies and relaxed the evening away, watching the snow accumulate.

Today as I stepped out the front door I couldn't see our front steps. We received 15" of snow. Yippee! No, I don't really care for winter, but it is near the end of the season and a good old fashioned snow storm is just fun.

I had to wait for Steve to plow the drive before I took off to the trail. I grabbed my snowshoes and headed out. It was a bumpy ride but well worth it. Topaz and I ran 10 miles in deep deep snow. No one had broke the trail, I was wading through the snow with my snowshoes. Topaz had to jump-run and consumed copious amounts of water as I offered it to him. Normally he doesn't want any water while winter running. Today was hard work! After arriving home I jumped on the treadmill for another 10..and promptly felt exhausted! I reached my weekly mileage though..snowstorm and all.

This afternoon I became one of my children. We went outside to play, following Topaz' tracks on our hands and knees, through the woods and brush. It was crazy fun! I held my tongue and didn't complain about my cold knees.

McNaughton 100 is only 7 weeks out. I need to get in a 50 mile training run-probably in two weeks.

I am not able to get June 1 off (the last day of school) for Kettle 100 so I will be running FANS again this summer. This year I am not afraid of the race though, that is a nice change!

Now I think I will take a cat-nap.


Ellie said...

I just keep following along, thinking, If Julie does what she does, surely I can do what I'm hoping I can do....

mtnrunR said...

Sorry to miss you at Kettle. I sent my entry in last week. Yikes!!!

olga said...

Man, your 100 is so near!!!
Snow does look wonderful, much better than rain...