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Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Weekend Swiftly Passes

OK, now that the dead of the winter is passing, time is going by even more quickly. I try not to wish away days, time goes by quickly enough without me wishing it would pass. Granted, I do wish for warmer temps and grass and robins when it is -30F and the wind is chilling my bones. Warmer days are here, time can slow down now.

Saturday's training called for a 5 hour rolling hill run. I'm getting stronger on the hills. This route no longer kills me. I can stretch afterward, and function without tiredness and pain.

I couldn't leave Topaz behind for the whole run. I took the waist leash along and we headed out for 2.5 hours on the road. He did fine, was able to run lose in the field areas and did fine on the road. I didn't want to take him any longer than 2.5 on the asphalt. It was his longest road run. I just don't want to chance injuring him. I brought him home, made sure he had water and told the boys I'd be back in 2.5 more hours. Refilled my HEED, grabbed my iPod and headed for the hills. 5 hours: 30 miles. Woohoo!

Sunday called for 2 hours of power walking. I've never included power walking in my training. That could be the reason why I have such stiffness and pain in my hamstrings during the 100's. I had a hard time holding back, with Topaz urging me to run for a whole two hours..but I persevered and walked quickly.

I'm surprised how good I feel. I'm not tired, don't feel any aches and pains, feel fully recovered and today is a day off. I hit 90 miles this week and had a day off this week. Included in that 90 are miles on the stair stepper, elliptical and walking. I have begun to stretch, 5 minutes every day, after my workout. I am not a stretcher, but am learning. I was told I will have injuries eventually if I don't begin stretching, and to begin with only 5 minutes a day. Just do it! So just doing it I am!

Here's to Monday and another week of training :)


olga said...

Julie, you are doing awesome complying with the Coach! It'll give you best results, I believe it!

Runner Susan said...

90! Dang girl - you totally rock.