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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Run Club=Fasties

Originally I thought I would bring Topaz out to the trail for the scheduled 1:30 easy 8/2 run today. But, alas, eventually I realized that I needed to pick up Tyler from baseball at 430 AND deliver the boys to youth group at 615.

I realized I could make run club if I could get the boys to youth group earlier than scheduled. Topaz and I took a 5 mile spin around the neighborhood so he could stretch his legs too.

I fandangeled my way into bringing the boys' to friends homes who would bring them to youth group so I could at least join run club and then run a double by myself.

There were about 10 of us tonight. As I pulled into the lot 3 of the runners were finishing a loop, ready to begin miles 6-10. These guys also finished first on their second (our first) loop. They are so fast, crazy fast. You know what, they are in their 50's too, late 50's for a few. Good deal.

Well, I didn't do an easy 1:30 as scheduled. Even with stopping to re-tie both of my shoes, and a bit later, stopping to remove my jacket I still finished in 39:05 for the first 5 miles. Yeah, that is fast for me. No wonder I had a side ache and I was breathing deeply!

After visiting for a few minutes the chill began to set in and runners were heading home. I was ready to begin round 2. This time I did take it a bit easier. I placed my iPod in my pocket and was on my way. The second five miles was finished in 43 minutes.

My 1:30, in reality, was 2:32 with the earlier Topaz run. Oh well, a little extra never hurt anyone!

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olga said...

I had to tell you, the funniest thing is when I left my last comment and came home to look what is up for me tonight - I had almost identical workout! Swear to God, I had no idea (I don't look at it till I am ready to head out), it was 75 min total with 25 min inside of 2min at 6-8% with 2min recovery flat (ok, almost same), and then legs. How funny, and I am following Scott's schedule (loosely, but still) right now, and we have such a time difference in main events! Cosmic power:)
40 min for 5M is WAY too fast for me these days, way to go, Julie!