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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Recovery is nicer than Taper

Thank you so very much for the wonderful comments that were left relating to McNaughton 100. I feel very fortunate to have this online community of runners. Blogging has made the world a bit smaller and it is a wonderful way to communicate with other ultra runners as well. There aren't a whole lot of us, the ones that I have found online are incredible. I wrote a thank you to each and every one of you in the comments. Thank you again.

Here are the results for the 150 Mile which I still can't quite grasp, and the 100 Mile Finishers. Thank you , Sherpa John!

150 Mile: 40 Starters / 10 Finishers*
1 Paul Stofko 31 M 35:22:25
2 David Goggins 32 M 40:26:52
3 Ryan Dexter 30 M 40:40:45
4 Dan Brenden 56 M 43:08:18
5 Hans Bern Bauer 38 M 43:50:52
6 David Corfman 44 M 44:24:34
7 Doug Hansel 47 M 46:30:25
8 Phil Rosenstein 36 M 46:55:09
*9 Diane Van Deren* 47 F 46:59:01
10 Ken Fancett 57 M 47:02:58
*****100 Mile: 61 Starters / 27 Finishers
*1 Karl Meltzer 39 M Utah 17:40:13
2 Akos Konya 32 M CA 19:55:27
3 Jamshid Khajavi 53 M 22:25:28
4 Jason Bour 38 M Ohio 26:19:10
5 Mike Samuelson 41 M TN 26:29:26
6 Gilles Barbeau 51 M BC 27:23:11
7 Paul Braun 35 M Wi 27:57:18
*8 Julie Berg* 42 F MN 28:22:49
9 Steve Hoger 49 M NE 28:42:32
10 Darren Fortney 39 M WI 29:21:03
11 Bill Andrews 55 M Nevada 29:32:45
12 Bob Murphy 48 M NE 31:06:45
13 Christopher Midden 42 M IL 31:27:11
14 Mike Alopfenstein 34 M IL 31:28:51
15 Ed Cook 51 M IL 32:02:53
16 Dick Canterbury 59 M Indiana 32:36:04
17 Adrian Belitu 33 M IL 33:09:20
***18 Cindy Heisdorffer* 49 F IA 33:24:20
*19 Bonnie Busch* 49 F IA 33:24:20
20 Garret Cawthon 45 M Ky 33:32:09
21 Mike Matteson 48 OH 33:34:18
22 Shan Riggs 28 M IL 33:54:07
*23 Nancy Burrows* 40 F IL 34:01:53
24 Sherpa John Lacroix 25 M NH 34:15:29
25 Jeffrey Genova 39 M AR 34:15:29
26 Shiran Kochavi 38 M NJ 34:55:09
27 Joseph Galloway 49 M IA 45:40:

I didn't take any Advil during the run but have taken a few each day since. My toe is what is painful. I am anxious for the damn toenail to fall off. This big toenail has never fallen off but has been badly blistered underneath each and every ultra. I'm ready to follow in Lisa Bliss' shoes and have it surgically removed if it doesn't fall off this time around.

I'm still carrying 6 pounds of water - is it water? I guess I don't know. My ankles, calves and feet are still swollen. I can't fit on any shoes yet so am wearing my Montrail Molaki's to work. My feet are under my desk anyway so nobody cares. But my toes are cold!

I have an appointment with my regular Dr. tomorrow to go over the whole breathing issue and see what she thinks it was all about. I have had a few coughing spasms since Sunday, but the breathing is nice and easy. I did have the prescription for the inhaler filled but am not filling the antibiotic. It was unnecessary.

The results were posted by Andy and I was so happy to see that a few other women finished the 100 too! I never saw them on the course and thought that nobody was left. Hurray for the runners!


RunBubbaRun said...

I just wanted to say a be-lated congrats on the McaNaughton race.

I was out there doing the 50 miler. You 100 and 150 milers are a tough crew..

Great job, rest up.. Maybe I'll run into you at Ice Age.

caroline said...

I'm an ultrarunner in Portland, OR, and found your blog through Olga's. Let me just say that you continue to be a total inspiration! You are tough and determined and awesome! Congratulations on this latest achievement!!

I decided to finally leave a comment because 1) I wanted to thank you for posting the german chocolate cake recipe (it was my family's favorite when I was growing up in Wisconsin and I'm always looking for a good recipe) and 2) I wanted to share some toe thoughts.

I've had a blister form under my left big toe in several ultras. It either happens because I stub my left foot really hard on something (rocks at Kettle Moraine) or because my left foot swells and before I know it the toe is raising up and hitting the top of my shoe and that's that. It hurts like crazy (as you know) in the days after the run. The best way I've found to relieve the pain (and the relief is immediate) is to poke the blister and let it drain. Complete instructions are in John Vonhof's book "Fixing Your Feet", but I've been lucky and have always been able to poke it at the front, just under the nail. Feet and pin have to be clean and sterile, of course, and it helps to soak your foot in epsom salts and warm water before and after you puncture it. I soak and poke it once a day (usually evening) until the nail settles back down. Then I continue soaking once a day until the nail comes off, usually within 2-3 weeks. If the nail is sluggish to come off, I trim it a little after every soaking and eventually it's down to nothing. It sounds time consuming, but soaking doesn't have to take more than 10 minutes and it really does help keep things clean.

I hope this is helpful. :-)

Caroline Klug

Cliff said...

Julie..congrats on your 100 miler.

Bob Gentile said...

GREAT Job Julie, good luck with that Toenail ... and ya if it doesn't heal well get rid of it :-) annoying little buggers anyways-haha

CONGRATS and speedy recovery!!

Ellie said...

I was going to ask you if taking Advil makes your legs swell, but then I read about your swollen legs in the very next paragraph. Think there's any connection? I retain fluid (8 pounds once the day after a marathon) especially in my legs when taking ibuprofen. I had taken it prodigiously the day of the marathon. Just wondering.

Kim said...

Julie I am continually amazed at your running and ALWAYS always enjoy reading your blog after a race/event, you really have this uncanny way of making a reader feel like they are on every lap with you. Someday I hope we get the chance to meet in person.

mtnrunR said...

contratulations on your race. woooo hoooo. you did awesome. have a great relaxing recovery.
caroline had some great comments. plus she is a darn wonderful person and always has a smile on.

Tim Looney said...

Julie - I thought I already congratulated you elsewhere but just in case I didn't let me say congrats on an awesome race. I ran the 50 and had my butt handed to me. It's a tough course and you did well.

I hope recovery treats you well.