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Friday, April 06, 2007

Too Cold For Gramma

My Mom and Dad arrived from Texas last night. They spend November to April in Southern Texas each year, returning to Minnesota for the summer months.

They arrived during a cold spell! Last night they pulled into my sister's place, this morning I gave Mom a call to see if she and Laurie, maybe Dad wanted to meet me and Topaz for a run on the trail. They were all for it, they'd meet me out there in twenty minutes or so. I told her I was already at the trail head but would run hill repeats until they arrived.

The hill leaves the trail head, goes up short of 1/2 a mile and there is a view of the lot most of the way down. I ran 10 hills and couldn't figure out why they hadn't arrived. She only lives a few miles away from the trail! I went to my car and saw that 52 minutes had passed. Well something was wrong. I called Laurie's and Dad answered. Mom went outside and it was too cold for her to hit the trail! It was too, it was 15 F with a windchill of -8F. Hello! It's April 6th!

I headed back to the trail and did a 5 mile loop. I figured since I was warmed up I might as well run a bit more, and Topaz was raring to go.

We spent the rest of the day carousing the mall and hanging out like we did the day before they left for TX. It was probably about the same temperature too! Back to long pants, gloves and gators for running. Good grief.

Tonight I'm making a German Chocolate Cake. It's exquisite. Layers of toasted coconut-pecan custard, filling and chocolate icing. She's a beauty. I've taken the best parts of three different recipes and put it all together into one lovely beauty. She's baking now, the custard is finished and tomorrow I'll assemble and ice her. It's steak and cake on the menu for dinner tomorrow. I'll post pictures and directions tomorrow.

In the meantime..damn, it's cold.


Janice said...

It's cold here in southwestern Ontario as well. We had snowsqualls from Thursday to Saturday. Hard to believe I was running in shorts just last weekend. I got out the gortex jacket and tights again this weekend. I've got my fingers crossed for warmer weather soon:)

Travis said...

Yep, this stuff is crazy! One day -shorts and a tank, 2 days later - gloves, 2 layers, and a stocking cap. I agree 50's would be fine for McNaughton, though I like the heat too. See you there!

olga said...

Jeez, I'd stay hoem too:)
Julie, best to you at the race coming!!! You are ready, you know that!