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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ice Age Babbelling

It was 73F today! Sunny and warm. I love it, I love it I tell you. The warmer the better. After running in nothing but rain for days on end I fully enjoyed 10 miles on the trail in the warm sunshine. 10 miles wasn't scheduled for today, but I hadn't received my workouts from Lisa for tomorrow and the next two weeks, so I ran 10 since it was beautiful and tomorrow I have Tylers baseball game at 430 and Troy's at 630. It is possible to get a run or gym workout at 4 AM tomorrow morning, but for good measure, I ran longer today.

As I was running I was thinking about Ice Age and noticed my feet began to feel tired. As I was adding up miles in my head, I realized I have over 400 miles on my Inov 8 Roclites. They are probably wearing out and I wonder if I should try the Flyrocs for Ice Age. I think I may break into a new box tomorrow to give them a try. Ice Age doesn't have all the rocks and roots, the Flyrocs should be fine. But, I should have thought of this a week earlier. My feet still feel a bit achy tonight.

I'm so excited about Ice Age! This was my first 50 mile race a few years ago. I barely made it to the finish in time. I finished only aminute before the cut off. Way to close! I was carrying a 100 oz camelback with everything in it but the kitchen sink. I had no clue! I remember a gal came up to me and told me she was only carrying a handheld with gels in her shorts. I couldn't imagine. She told me she trusted the aid stations and there was no point along the race over 5 miles without aid. Boy, was she right. I was lugging along an additional 28 pounds. Can you believe it? I weighed that damn pack when I was home and yeah, 28 pounds. Plus I was roughly 155 pounds at the time.

Well, the next year I went back to Ice Age with a two bottle back, left the camelback at home and lost a few pounds, finishing in 1057.

I haven't run Ice Age for the past two years, instead I and the family have headed up to Lutsen to run the Superior 50K the following weekend. Because I had originally planned on running the Kettle Moraine 100; but alas, I couldn't get that Friday off of work as it is the last day of school, so I will be running FANS instead. Now I have to top my 116.8 miles there last year! :)

Back to Ice Age, I won't be carrying all the packs and water. A hand held bottle will suffice. I will have a drop bag full of gels. I ate one every 40 minutes during McNaughton and it worked fabulously.

Another thing I'm excited about is car pooling! I normally like to be alone, so have always drove by myself to race venues. But last year I rode to McNaughton with Alicia, Scott and John and had so much fun that I promised myself I could car pool more often. So, for McNaughton this past April I rode with Maria. It was wonderful! Thankfully I rode with Maria, as she had to take care of me on the way home with emergency room and all. Yikes.

I'm going to ride along with Tom, Nancy and Alicia. After Troy gets on the bus on Friday I will head on over to Tom and Nancy's, we'll pick up Alicia and be on our way.

There is a huge group of my ultra running friends who will be at Ice Age this year. I can't wait!

I'm hoping to run a 10 hour race.I don't know if I can; hell, I never have. My fastest 50 mile is Voyaguer last year at 1026. Voyaguer is tougher than Ice Age, and I'm in as good shape, if not better, than I was then, so I think I have a shot. In the past I was always afraid to set a goal other than finishing, but last year I realized that if I don't push toward a higher goal, I don't know what I can really do.

I'm happy that I have lost a few more pounds and am feeling pretty damn good. Tonight I had a great fast, strong run. I felt awesome.

I have a batch of the Oreo Brownies in the oven. Tomorrow I'll post the pics and directions. Warning: you will never want another brownie. They are THAT good. Tomorrow is Nurse Appreciation Day. I work with two nurses at the school, so thought I'd bring in some brownies to show my appreciation of them.

Couch Time!


Anonymous said...

I love those damn brownies, Julie!!

Travis said...

AH... my first race with drop bags! Gels and baggies of orange electrolyte mix for me. I can't stand that lemon/lime stuff that every race seems to have so I have to bring my own. I should just get used to it. Warm temps, I love it!

Lora said...

Julie....I'll be serving at the 40-mile pit stop. Make sure you say Hi!! It will be great to meet the gal that introduced me to LL and got me curious enough about Coach Lisa that I hired her!!

Good Luck at the race--I'll be cheering you on!!

Brett said...

Good luck in your upcoming race. I have a friend who is training for the Ironman Coeur d'Alene with me, and she is having major blister problems. I told her I had read about your blister potion on your blog, but I can't seem to find the recipe. Would you mind posting that again? Thanks so much!

Oh yeah, feel free to post the brownie recipe, too. :)

olga said...

Gor for it, Julie, you are absolutely ready for a fast time! Looking forward a report, will be thinking of you!

RunBubbaRun said...

Thanks for th little insight into ICE AGE.. Maybe I should wigh my camelbak to see. I'm still a newbie at this so hopefully my second 50 I will have learned a little more.

Hopefully I will get to say Hi to you out there..