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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend at the Lake

Saturday morning we headed up north to the cabin on Lake Vermilion. It rained all the way up there, all weekend long, but we had a beautiful sunny drive on the way home.

Steve did a lot of fishing; caught a bunch of walleye and northern, Lukas caught a 13" crappie! He was pretty excited, he's in 2nd grade, his enthusiasm was contagious. But not contagious enough to get me out fishing. I am definitely a fair weather fisherman. Well, actually, I'm an 80 degree, sunny fisherman. Anything else, forget it.

I did get a lot of running in. Dad and Steve dropped me off at shore before they fished each morning. I ran lots of hills along the shoreline. I felt like it was good training for Vermont. As I ran near an old landfill, which is now closed, I saw a group of 12 turkey vultures. They were not a pretty sight!

On a sad note, my Mom's ovarian cancer seems to have reoccur ed. She was diagnosed with Stage 3, 3 years ago, next month. She had surgery and a course of 6 chemo sessions. For the past two years she's been 'cancer free'. Last week her CA125 was increased and upon a CTScan the Dr. did see two suspicious masses. One near her abdomen and one near her lower pelvic region. Her Dr. at the Mayo Hospital in Rochester should be calling today to schedule surgery this week. I'll be heading down to Rochester sometime this week, just not sure when.

I will have my ovary scan again next month. Since Mom was diagnosed I and my sister have an ultrasound every 6 months and a CA125. We might be scheduling full blown hysterectomy's soon. Our future isn't looking so bright on the cancer front. My Grandmother and an aunt have passed away from Ovarian as well...

So, this week is a mini taper for FANS on Saturday. I'm running each day for a few miles, a lifting session, walks with Topaz on the trail..not a whole lot. Just awaiting the Day of Fun.


olga said...

Sorry about your mom, Julie. Take good care of yourslef.

Anonymous said...

Julie, I am so sorry about your mom. I will send lots of positive energy her way. Enjoy Fans! Jen

Julie True said...

Sorry about all that your mom is going through. She's in my prayers. You, too.

keith said...

Positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


Lora said...

Hugs to you [[[[[Julie]]]]]]. May it all go smoothly for your Mom.

olga said...

Julie, I saw your question on Krissy's site.
She uses this: http://www.nathansports.com/our_products/hydration_nutrition/hpl_020.html
but without the hydration bag. I use this:
also with hydration bladder taken out. I use hand-held bottles and the pack is for carrying gels/carbo mixes/salt/extra clothes and such. Boith packs have pockets in the front for immideate access to things.