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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heat Training :)

It has been wonderfully warm in Minnesota this week. I mean perfect temps and dew points. I so love it. 90F, bring it on, everyday.

I've been running 5 miles in the early AM with Topaz on gravel road. The deer flies totally kicked us off the trail so to the gravel it is. It is too warm for Topaz to run after work with me. He enjoys the early morning 65F.

After work I've been running asphalt in the heat. 8 miles last night during Troy's practice before his game. It usually takes me 75 minutes but last night it took me about 85. I wasn't used to the 90F.

Tyler played ball in Monticello tonight. I brought him to the field at 530 and ran until 645, for his game start. It didn't feel quite as oppressive as yesterday. Still 90F, but it felt easier.

I enjoy sitting field side, watching the boys play baseball, not chilled at all. I still have my winter coat in my car along with down blanket..just in case I become cold at a game. I guess the boys don't call me a freeze wort for nothing.

I'm recovered from FANS and ready to hit the ski hills in preparation for Vermont. Obviously I have no mountains to run upon, ski hills will have to do.

3 days of work left before summer vacation. Yeah, I'm counting.


olga said...

Jul, ski hills are enough for VT, don't worry! Thanks for a sweet comment, I am shaking with anticipation:)

Julie B said...

Thanks Olga! I remember you saying that the only reason Vermont hurt was because it was so runable! You felt you had to run the whole race. You had an awesome one there too, I'll have to reread your race report. GOOD LUCK AT BIGHORN! Have a blast!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Backofpack said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It seems to me your name has come up in blister conversations - a magic potion recipe. I looked at it once, but haven't tried it. I think it was listed in Fixing Your Feet too.

Wow, good luck on the 100 coming up - my husband is running WS next weekend - his first!

Journey to a Centum said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have fun at VT 100!