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Sunday, June 10, 2007

My First Flat

What a beautiful weekend!! Tyler and Troy both had baseball games on Friday. Mom and I stayed in Big Lake to watch Tyler, Dad and Steve headed to Sartell to watch Troy. Both boys lost, Grandpa and Grandma didn't get to see winning games this time around, but we were able to enjoy a nice warm evening watching ball.

Yesterday I ran 10 miles with Topaz on the trail. I feel pretty good, about the only complaint I have is that my feet feel tired. The deer flies have hatched too; I'm allergic to them and I swell like a pumpkin. I hate them. I wore my screen but poor Topaz, they were relentless at him. After 10 miles of running I was planning on walking a few, but couldn't handle the flies. I went for a 2 hour bike ride instead.

I love my bike. I bought a Fuji road bike 6 years ago. I've never changed tires or done anything with it other than an annual tune up at Eriks' Bike Shop.

After my ride I spent the rest of the day sitting at the pool, total relaxation. I didn't do much of anything else, other than grill ribs.

Today is another perfectly gorgeous day. 85 and sunny; nothing better! Topaz and I headed out for another 10 miles on the trail..the deer flies were even worse. We won't be going back to that trail for a while. Man. He had to stop a few times, lay down and chew at bugs on his stomach. I tried spraying off onto his coat but it didn't work. I'll have to check with my vet to see if there is something we can use, otherwise it is back to the gravel roads until the flies die off.

After the 10 mile run I went for a swim. After Mom and Dad left for Rochester for her appt. at Mayo I went for a bike ride. I had two bottles of HEED on board, had my sunscreen on, helmet, was enjoying the beautiful day..when 37 miles into my ride and only 3 miles from home I h heard PFFFFFFFFFF coming out of my front tire. Instantly, it was flat. Well, shit. No cell. I wasn't thinking I'd ever need anything out there other than something to drink. I began to walk my bike up the hill, was thinking I might just ditch it and run home. I had on run clothes and my Inov 8's so I certainly could. I was heading for the ditch so I could hide my bike..when I saw a biker guy coming down the shoulder toward me. Well. What do you know? I told him I was going to ditch my bike and run home as I had a flat. He recognized me and introduced himself. He told me that he could fix my flat.I told him I was only 3 miles from home but he told me it wouldn't take him that long. Only a few minutes. Before I knew it, he had my wheel off, the tube out, a new tube in and used a CO2 tank to fill it up. Holy shit. It only took two minutes. I felt like I needed to give him money or something..what if he got a flat not? He told me he was only a few blocks away from home. Boy, good Samaritan or what? So, I got back onto my bike and made it home. All sweaty and hot, I quickly changed into another swim suit and jumped into the pool with the boys.


When I go to Eriks' Bike Shop this week I'll be purchasing a tube kit. Or whatever that was called...

Now I'm grilling a turkey. After dinner Troy and I will head to Pirates III.


olga said...

I am jealous of your days!!! And yes, this dude is totally cool!

Kim said...

Spare inner tubes, tire pry's and CO2 always a handy thing to keep in your bike bag - I learned that lesson the hard way myself, but like you had a good samaratian going by at the right time - now Kevin makes me practice changing tires often, still can't do it as quick as this guy. Right now I'm so wishing I worked in the school office of our district instead of the district office so I could be enjoying some downtime this summer too! LUCKY you! Emjoy...

Julie B said...

You know Olga, last year I was real close to accepting a position with my former employer in downtown Minneapolis in a lush office in a luxury skyscraper. The money was great, the vacation time fantastic..but I would have to commute an hour to and from work, I would have to wear suits every day, I wouldn't have summers off, I wouldn't have the boys hours, etc. I decided to stay at the school, work less hours and make less money. Damn, it's WORTH it!

Anonymous said...


This is Sara Lovett, I saw in your blog your mom is going to maybe have surgery in Rochester.. If you need somewhere to stay while she is here, let us know. You can stay at our place if needed.

Sara and Joe Lovett