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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Topaz and his Sympathy Limp

I'm feeling pretty good. I wasn't as swollen as I usually am, post 100 mile run. Per Lisa's tips I took a few cold baths. They suck. They suck big time but the result is worth it. Each day I've soaked in the cold tub and the swelling has been minimal. Then yesterday I decided I didn't want a cold bath and wala, instant swell. My calves were so big I could barely pull on my jeans this morning. Crazy.

I enjoyed Monday immensely. I had the day off, it was the first day of summer vacation for the boys, we lounged at the pool all day long. It was a sneak peak to my summer vacation! Lovely. Topaz ran around and around the pool and the trampoline all day long. I'll have to post pictures of the trenches he has run into the ground. He doesn't stop. He runs round and round and round all day. Monday evening when we returned from baseball he was limping! His front leg seemed to be sore.

Tuesday the boys kept him inside while they were out doing their fun and by evening his leg seemed quite a bit better. I'm glad that I hadn't taken him on a super long run or I would have been feeling quite guilty about his leg. Today he isn't limping at all. After work today I'm going to take him for a walk of 3-5 miles on the trail. I've only walked since FANS and last night went to the gym to lift shoulders/back. I had no energy!

I don't have a race until June 24 and that is an 8K! The Big Lake Run Club puts it on, this was my first ever race and I've never missed it since. Then I have the Afton 50K on July 7 which I'll take easy and then it's the Vermont 100 on July 21. Guess I have a little break here for a while. Once I'm recovered from FANS I'll hit the track and the ski hills.

I really enjoyed running FANS, it was a great time. It's not like it is a cut throat competition. I had a lot of fun talking with the participants. Even those that I was competing against. While running through the night I finally came upon Sue Olsen. I told her how in awe I was of her at this race, what a great runner I felt she was. She told me that I was probably going to win her again. I told her no, I didn't think so, that she was still a whole lap ahead of me and at 22 hours I just didn't have the umph left to pass her again. She asked me if I knew who Carolyn was and I told her I didn't, that I thought she was the gal that took first place last year. She told me no, this was a different gal. Then I wished her well and I moved along.

Pretty soon Carolyn came upon me. She asked if I was Julie Berg. I told her yes, I was. She told me she was Carolyn from TX. Oh, you are the lead woman? Yeah, she said, if I still am, I haven't looked at the leader board for a while. She told me she read this blog and felt like I was a friend of hers, and then she trotted along. How cool is that?

Isn't that nice? To be able to talk to my competition..no cut throat, how can I win you thoughts..just nice conversation. That's what I love about ultras. We're all on the same playing field..having a wonderful day at the lake!


Carilyn said...

Hey Julie!

Great run at FANS! What an adventure! Minnesota is a beautiful state - we had a wonderful time, but I'm still pretty tired too. I hope you will make it down to Texas for a race some time.


Kim said...

Glad to hear Topaz is doing better, not sure what you'd do without your running partner!

Hope all goes well for your mom, I'll keep her in my prayers!

Julie B said...

Hi Carilyn!! It was great to see you out on the course. I'm thinking I might come to TX for Ultracentric in November. Did you run it this past November?

My parents winter in TX; I'll have to plan a visit :)

Again, great meeting you and GREAT run!!! I hope you are recovering well.

olga said...

May be one day you can come over and submerge me into a cold bath:) I ain't doing it!
recovery well, dear.