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Monday, December 24, 2007

Moon Lit Beauty

I tossed and turned all night. Finally at 315 AM I was thinking: I could just get up and run. I could get in my 5-6 hour snowshoe. I won't be able to run long tomorrow morning. I want to be home when the boys wake up and open their Christmas Stocking gifts (we'll open all the other presents tonight), I'll have to prepare Christmas dinner all day tomorrow. It's crazy to get up at 315 to run. But I'm already up and not falling back to sleep. It can be a Christmas Eve gift to myself. I deserve it.

So it was. Thump thump thump. There was the Topaz tail greeting me. After a few stretches he knew I was awake. Lets go for a run, Topaz! I looked at the thermometer, 4F. Not bad. I walked out onto the deck, not windy. Only a -10 F windchill. Better than yesterday. The moon! It was high and bright, luminating our property. It was beautiful. Done deal, we are going snowshoeing. I can be showered and dressed, ready to entertain and prepare at 10:00. I need this.

It was wonderful, a bit erie in the moon lit glow. The trail was covered again with new snow and snow drifts in the open areas. At times the snow was up to my knees as I plowed yet another new trail through the woods. Topaz was leaping through the drifts, the snow covering his back. We were so happy to be out there in the dark, working through the snow covered trails.

At times I would hear something in the woods, motioning my light toward the noise, but never seeing anything. Very spooky!

I've run this trail nearly every day, since I purchased Topaz, 4 years ago. Still, with the moon light covering us, the trail looked like one I had never seen. It felt as though I were exploring a new trail. The shadows caused me to feel as though I were having 100 mile race hallucinations. Crazy fun.

Eventually the sky began to turn pink. Beautiful pink, purples and blues. Oh, spectacular. As the sun rose, the moon dimmed, a full moon, so beautiful, setting.


Daylight showed me the trail I know and love so much. Topaz became a bloodhound, following tracks here and there. Eventually his hair stood up on end, he didn't like the smell of something. It looked like big wolf tracks to me. Pretty soon we came up to a mess of dead rabbit. Topaz thought he should have breakfast. I called him away.

I had a great morning, a gift to myself. 6 hours of splendor. Now I can give to others, and enjoy doing so.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazing. I can relate to the tossing and turning. I don't get up and run though, maybe I just might thought.

Hope you have a good holiday and break. Hope whatever it is that is causing you the angst and loss of sleep is resolved soon.