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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowshoe, Snowboard, Run; Repeat

It's been a week since I've blogged! Many of my monthly meetings were rescheduled to last week and next week because of the Holiday's. It seems I have a meeting every night. After next week I'll have a nice break during Christmas to the New Year. I'm going to go into work a few days, but not all. Yippee!

Topaz and I snowshoed most evenings on the Blue Hill Trail. My treadmill broke while running a 613 mile on Monday morning; not a pretty sight. The repair man is going to take a look at it tomorrow. I ended up having to get up even earlier during the week to get to the gym for my AM treadmill wake up call. I'm glad I switched gyms last winter. I am a member of Anytime Fitness and it is only 7 miles away. Perfect!

Yesterday I woke up bright and early so that I could get in 3 hours of snowshoeing before snowboarding. Topaz had a field day chasing my flashlight beam. What in the world is going through his crazy dog brain? I would flash in way ahead of us, into the trees and he'd take off like a rabbit, chasing the light. Crazy.

There was no wind yesterday morning, and at -5 it felt great. The wind makes a huge difference.

After snowshoeing the boys and I headed for Powder Ridge. We bought them snowboard packages for Christmas. I caved in and let the use them yesterday. It just didn't make sense to rent again, when the equipment is at home..waiting for Christmas. We'll go again next weekend, more money for rentals. Yeah, I caved. I rent my equipment. The past few years I have only gone half a dozen times.

Yesterday was Troy's first time on the slopes. He has practiced on a smaller board quite a bit in our back yard, but never at a ski hill and never on a 'real' board.

I suggested Troy and I take lessons, he was too proud for that. I took a refresher lesson and Tyler showed Troy how to get on lift, how to stop, fall, etc. By the time my lesson was finished Troy and Tyler were carving up the slopes. I can't believe how quickly Troy caught on.

The instructor told me he has never given a lesson to a 42 year old Mom. Well, come on! Where are the Mom snowboarders? Where are the 40 year old snowboarders? I couldn't believe it! When I looked around..I believed it.

After 2 hours I needed to leave them behind and go to St Cloud for a hair appointment. I returned a few hours later, they were ready to call it a day.

There is a woman's beginner snowboard group instruction offered at Powder Ridge. They meet on Wednesday nights. I'd love to go! Anyone interested? I'll pick you up on the way!

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Kim said...

Julie I tried snowboarding ONCE! I took a lesson and even then I spent the entire afternoon on my butt - skiing itself has never come easy to me, but snowboarding.. you go girl, its all yours! But if you pick me up on the way, I WILL pack some sandwiches and hot soup :o)