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Sunday, January 27, 2008

8 Days of Healing, Getting Better

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Carilyn said...

Oh man, Julie, that looks brutal. And you ran a race with that? Just looking at it makes me want to go take some Advil! You are tough!

Seriously, glad you had a great race. It sounded fun!

Kim said...

Julie what the heck did you do to that heel girl?

Anonymous said...

BLECK. Made my stomch do a flop. Only because I get wicked blisters like that too.

Travis said...

ugh!! That is horrible, you should put a warning in the title, so I can be more prepared :)

keith said...

Jeez, I thought that was a piece of ham at first.

Heel up fast! (get it?!)

Heidi Swift said...

I had one like that when I was trekking through Nepal but that was the last time. And I certainly didn't run a race on it.
You're a madwoman! :) (In the good way)

Wil said...

Holy. Cow. Wow Julie, please send me your email, I have some socks for you!

Seriously I'd like you to be the final contestant for a contest we're having... can you send me your email and I'll tell you more? I can't seem to find it. Thanks :)

Bev said...

Oh my! Continue to be diligent healing that thing up. That is wicked.

Julie B said...

It looks worse than it feels, really. At least there is some tissue beginning to cover it up.

Keith, you win with a 'piece of ham' that's a good one! Yes, I get it :)

Wil, I'm always up for a contest :) I'll drop you an email

olga said...

Nasty looking thing...congrats on PR at half!!

Chubby ----> said...


Whenever I feel like a blister-wussy again, I will think of Julie and rock out my miles.

Rooster said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for visiting and I follow your nutrition too....much different from mine but it works so keep it up!

That blister is amazing, you're an animal

Anonymous said...

Would you PA LEAZZE post something new and LONG to move that god awful picture - I mean badge of awesomeness - down out of view???

Just kidding. You newspaper clippings have been riding around with me for what a week now in my car. They have been to Wisconsin a few times, many cities, I look at them and say "S**t!! everyday!