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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Longer Days !

Thank you so much for all of the nice words regarding my race..especially the way some of you have said that I am able to inspire you. I am grateful for that.

There is nothing like being inspired by someone, someone that might offer a few words of motivation or encouragement, or someone who might help to get you out the door when you think you rather not, or someone to give you a gentle push out of your comfort zone. I know how wonderful that feels.

My foot is sore as hell. I have a nice comfy compeed patch over the heel. These compeed bandages work very well. They stick as well as duct tape, they allow the wound to somehow feel less painful, they are waterproof and stay on at least a full day and night. I fill the hole in my heel with neosporin and cover with the compeed. It magically feels better.

My foot is too swollen for a shoe. Today to work I wore a Merrel clog thing without a back. There isn't much of a heel so I have to wear the shoes with pants that I don't wear high heels with. I have one pair of pants that I don't wear heels with. I usually wear a 3" heel at least with longer pants, most of my pants are real long now due to the loss of fat filling my butt, thighs and waist. Guess I'll be washing/wearing the same pair of pants for a few days!

Today after the Internet tech left, yes, he finally fixed the connection, Topaz and I hit the trail. I again wore Tyler's huge size 15 boot on one foot, my Sorel on the other foot and we jogged along the dirt road to the lake.

After 8 miles we came back to the car..and it was LIGHT outside! Usually I am racing the sunset. Not anymore, the sun was still up, the moon had not yet risen..days are getting longer. For that I am grateful, too!

The boys are at youth group tonight, Steve is at pool and here I am with a few hours. I'll be completing an Italian lesson and watching The Biggest Loser. Do you ever watch that?

I am totally motivated by The Bigger Loser. I love it. I love to watch these people metamorphosize (no, that is probably not a word) themselves.

They come into camp unfit, without a clue as to what nutrition is, no idea how to exercise. Most have high cholesterol, diabetes and other ailments.

The contestants leave camp in 4 months with a sound knowledge of exercise, fitness and nutrition. They fight their demons inside every day..and they win. They realize that the fat on their body isn't the big problem, is it the SYMPTOM of the big problem. They learn awareness of themselves, they allow themselves to feel pain, sometimes for the first time .. they aren't medicating themselves with food.

In week one of this Couples series, EVERY person but one lost over 10 pounds the first week. Most lost more than 10 pounds in week 1. Sure, most of it is water, but still. How motivating must it be for these people to lose this kind of weight. They work very hard; Jillian and Bob kick their butts. I love Jillian. I would love to have her as a trainer. My weight trainer never pushed me hard enough. Jillian would kick my ass.

So, some reading, some television, some cocoa next to the fireplace..oh yeah.


Jamie said...

The growing daylight is indeed welcome! Rest up and a belated congrats on the snowshoe race.

olga said...

I see the blinks of the light when I finish my morning runs...feels good!
I, too, although don't watch Looser (or TV in general), have heard of the show, seen snipets of it and think it may inspire some folks out there to get in charge of their own bodies.

Anonymous said...

We love Biggest Loser! Yes, Jillian can come kick my ass any day! We are so glad she is back on the show!


Bev said...

Biggest Loser is great. I'll take whatever motivation I can get. I wish I could take about four months to go to the Julie Berg butt kicking academy. Something tells me I would be able to kick Jillian's butt when I got finished.

Anonymous said...

I saw an article debating Biggest Loser, pros and cons. It pointed out that BL can give people a false sense of the amount of weight loss that's reasonable with safe methods. The stories of what some of the Losers do to get the dramatic weigh-ins is disturbing, for sure. And then, not everyone in the universe is fat due to complete ignorance on nutrition and exercise. It seems to me there's a kind of blunt-edged Weight Watchers ethos in the BL reportoire, which is NOT something that works forever. I'd be happier if they spent some time talking about fat percentages.