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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Securian Frozen Half Marathon

Wine is fine but Whiskey's Quicker...is ringing through my ears. I listened to a lot of Ozzy today. About the only thing that has NOT changed about me since I was the party girl is my music..oh, and my husband.

The race today was NOT frozen! Man o live, it was a balmy 21F when I woke up this morning and about the same at the start, with nary a wind. It felt downright Jamaican.

I re cleaned and bandaged my foot, feeling apprehensive about this race. I dashed by pie in the sky PR 1/2 marathon goal, which would have been sub 1:55 which I ran at Nerstrand 1/2 a few months ago. Oh yeah, when I said yesterday that I have run two marathons, apparently I was lying. As I was running today I recalled Nerstrand, and that it was my PR. Bad memory.

I only wanted to be able to run without re gouging my foot and having pain on the top. I wanted to see if I was recovered from the tough Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon a week ago. I hadn't really killed myself on the trail this past week. I've been running in Sorel boots for heavens sakes! Not very conducive to speed. A good tough stair master workout and two heavy weight sessions; one leg and one shoulder/back. I knew I was well rested, but that would mean nothing if my foot hurt. I promised myself I would stop running if I felt the gouging.

As I was cleaning the wound out this morning Steve came to look at it for the first time. He didn't like what he saw. Oh well...he's thought I was crazed before.

I arrived a full hour early for the race. I needed to register and I don't know St Paul at all. I was surprised to find an empty ramp, only charging $3 for the day, a block from the race start.

I sky walked my way over to Securian and signed up for the race. $30 for a 1/2 Marathon! Is that steep or what? I could have paid extra for a nice drifit shirt, but man, no thanks, this was an expensive enough run!

As I went out to use the portapotties, I enjoyed listening to the conversations going on. Most were talking about how nice it was outside and what a difference a week makes in temperatures. I had to agree.

I went to the start line and a man came up to me, in a red jacket. Mark had left a post here that if it was warm enough he may run today and may approach me, wearing are red jacket. He did! It was nice to meet him and talk a bit. This was Marks 3rd 1/2, he is training for his first marathon at Fargo in May. He was wanting to qualify for the first wave at TCM and I believe he said a 145 would get him there.

The siren sounded and off I went. I had sucked back a Hammerheed Gel 10 minutes prior to the race and had a Skim Latte at Caribou before the start. I no longer like the full feeling that eating a full carb breakfast gives me before a race. Before Northwoods I did the same and felt good. I may begin fueling along the race way instead of the 300-400 calories I've been consuming prior. It just feels better.

We began going down the steep hill, it didn't feel icy at all but I didn't let myself go all out downhill. I was afraid of my heel. We turned the corner to Shepherd Road and followed it all the way-an out and back. The course runs along the river, in back of the Science Museum, past many new apartments and condos that have gone up along the river. It was a nice run.

I wore my heart rate monitor. I don't really know why. I only measure my heart rate at the gym because the stair master has a handle heart rate monitor and I think it's interesting to watch as I am bored out of my mind stepping. When I first began stepping I was totally exhausted at 160, now, I can step an hour at 175-180. I've increased my level from 4 to 15. Figuring that I can go hard for an hour, I figured I could try going hard running for at least that long. I dug my dusty heart rate monitor out of my drawer and used it for the 3rd time. Ever. I've had it for 4 years.

I turned on my iPod, I didn't really want to listen to my gasping and breathing, it makes me think I should slow down, so I rocked out.

After a mile I was at 175 and held that most of the way. Up hill I'd drift to 177, downhill 173 and at the finish-going straight up-I hit 181. I was moving, moving for me, anyway.

At 5 miles I saw the winners coming toward us. This is why I love out and backs. 20 men passed for the first woman and I think it was Kelly Keeler-Ramacier. It looked like her! I hope it was and I hope she won. I had met her at the Lake Harriet Fat Ass and was impressed with her.

I saw Karen Gall cheering along the route, and then said hello to Lynn Saari , who I just met an Northwoods, she was running ahead of me. As I came around the 1/2 way mark and was running back I saw Dave Just pass me and then saw Les Markisko and Kate Havelin going out. Maynard was cheering and ran a while with me. I sat with Maynard at the Northwoods Party, he called me Studette, and it stuck.

The finish was approaching. I was hitting 830's most of the way. I had never run this fast before. It is nice to think that I am 10 years older, more experienced in running of course, and not slowing down. Of course, I began very slow, so I had much room for improvement. I have wondered if ultras were slowing me down, I guess not. I'm so pleased with my performance. When you aren't expecting anything, a PR is even a greater ending to a race.

One mile left. I was going to PR. Holy balls. NO HEEL PAIN. None. Crazy. Up the last steep hill, HR hit 181, and there I am. Finished. 1:51. That rocks. I am so excited. I didn't think I could ever hit a 1:51, especially today, after a tough as nails Northwoods Snowshoe last week and a bad foot. I guess it isn't bad anymore!

As I came across the finish, I saw Mark. He hit his goal! Congratulations Mark! We went inside to collect our coffee mugs. They had the food area set up very nicely. A woman handed us a plastic bag, we went to the gal with the bananas, she dropped one in, forward to the salted nut roll gal, the bun gal, the cereal gal and the coffee mug gal. Just like Trick or Treating!

Mark and I parted and I headed on home.

I checked my Heart Rate Monitor. Low:173 Average:175 High:181. Just as I thought.

Life is Good. Next up: Psycho Wyco 50K.


Jamie said...

Nice! Congrats!

Kel said...

Picturing someone running in Sorrel's made me giggle :)

Congrats on your PR!

mh said...

Nice to meet you Julie. Fun race today. My HR hit 181 when I ran hard up that last hill. I thought my max was 182 but maybe it's a bit higher. I also posted a bit about the race on my blog.

Heidi Swift said...

Congrats, Julie!
Well done!!
Thought of you today as I did a pouring-rain night run. :)

mh said...

...I forgot to say.... Congrats on your PR!!!

Tom said...

Julie; Nice race, sounds like you came in as the 3rd women?? also any reason why you don't wear the HM

Steve said...

Awesome run, Julie! Good luck in Kansas.

keith said...

Congrats on your PR! It's pretty impressive that you posted your first PR on a trail race! You're just fast any way you look at it.