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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Loving Normalcy

As 'normal' as normal is; for me.

Tyler is doing very well. He attended school Tuesday and felt well enough to attend his youth group Tuesday evening. He has his appetite back. He isn't able to take part in any physical activity for three weeks so that has been difficult on him. He is very active. Baseball tryouts were yesterday, he wasn't able to attend. He will tryout at the next date, sometime in April. He isn't able to snowboard with us. Troy and I, along with Troy's friends will be going in a bit, Tyler will have to stay behind. He will be with friends, watching movies. He reminded me that he missed out on three weekends while he was ill.

He has an appointment with his surgeon tomorrow morning for a final CT scan. Hopefully, we won't see the surgeon again until sometime in the summer when he removes whatever is left of the appendix tissue.

As for me, I'm loving the everyday schedule that I keep. It was very difficult, sitting in the hospital, having no schedule, just waiting. I am most comfortable when I have each hour scheduled out, knowing what I am doing next. Steve no longer has a license, so he wasn't able to sit at the hospital very often.

I have been running each day, twice a day a few times; lifting and using the stair master. I've rescheduled most of the appointments that I missed. Being in the hospital with Tyler was all that was important. The missed appointment with the tax guy, the County Board meeting, the Orrock Board meeting, the guitar lessons, youth group, classes, work, the things that seem important when all is well, weren't important at all.

While Tyler was in the hospital I didn't run, I just didn't feel like it. Running is a sign of normalcy and nothing was normal. Running brings me joy and happiness. I wasn't joyful or happy. I thought I would really go stir crazy, or feel real stressful if I didn't run for a week...but that didn't happen. It just wasn't on my radar. I certainly could have brought running clothing to the hospital and ran around Anoka/Coon Rapids, but I just didn't feel like it.

When I finally went for a run on Monday, after Tyler was home, it was wonderful. I cried tears of relief and joy, I whooped and yelled happily, I chatted to Topaz the whole way. He was as happy as I was! It was a sign that things were getting back to normal.

Yesterday Troy had evaluations/tryouts for baseball. I brought him to the High School in the morning, left the car in the parking lot and ran 35 miles around Big Lake. The temperature when I began was 3F and when I stopped it was 33F. What a great warm up! As I removed clothing I dropped it off in my office at the High School, checking on Troy's practices to see how much longer they would take and how much longer I would be able to run. It was wonderful! There was an ice fishing contest going on with many porta potties, so that came in very handy, too.

This morning Topaz and I headed out to the trail for a 20 mile run. There is still a good 6" of snow on the trail but it was crunchy enough that I only wore my snowshoes for 10 miles, then removed them and enjoyed the final 10 miles snowshoe free. I'm tired of snowshoing!

I guess my training for McNaughton 100 Mile has begun. It's only 7 weeks out. Maybe I'll dig out my training logs for the past three years that I've run McNaughton :)


SteveQ said...

Holy cow! 0 to 35 miles in one run, in one week? And I thought I was doing well.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog because you are the only person I "know" that can use the words "normal" and "35 miles" in the same sentence!

Hope the appt goes well and glad you he is home and recovering nicely!

keith said...

It is good that things are returning to normal for you!

olga said...

Normal is so great, isn't it? I often feel the same when I can't bring myself out if things go off radar, even if I know I'll enjoy it as it goes further...just can't think of running and bring myself out. Glad things are falling back!

Karen G said...

I like the thought that running is more of a joy thing -a celebration of the best there is in life rather than something we have to do. I am glad you are back to your normal!!!