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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sloshin' Through the Snow

Spring has sprung
The grass has 'riz
I wonder where the flower is?
There's the bird
On the wing...
Oh, that's absurd
The wing is on the bird!

I learned that poem in my First Grade Class, and have said it over and over each spring, for the past 35 years! I taught it to my boys, to their classes while I volunteer and to my coworkers.

Spring is Here!

Today the high is 50F. Low of 33F. It melted all night long! Woohoo. Last night the snow was sloppy and loose. I was soaked, but loved it. Tough going running through 7" of slop, but knowing that there is grass and dirt under all that slop is wonderful.

It might all be gone when I return from Padre Island. I'm hoping so.

Today after work I may be running in shorts. Oh yeah! They may no longer be for the treadmill and gym only.

Tomorrow the boys and I fly out to warmer climates. I am SO looking forward to it. Visiting with my parents, waterpark-ing, beaching, beaching, beaching..

Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Lucky! You deserve a good break. Have fun with your kids on vaca!!


olga said...

Enjoy vacation!!!

Tom said...

Running on the BEACH!!!!