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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

What a difference 8 hours of sleep can make! Every night this past week I had something I had to attend to. Township Board of Equalization, County Planning and Zoning, Gun Safety with Troy, Tennis, Coaching. Last night I only ran, brought Tyler home from tennis, brought Troy to the Middle School Activity Night and picked him up..and stayed home. It was wonderful. I dozed on and off while reading my book, I went to bed at 10 and slept until 6. Wonderful. I normally rise at 4; the two extra hours were needed. I had decided that I wasn't going to make it the the Trail Mix 25K/50K to volunteer. I was too tired.

I and Topaz hit the trail for 10 miles. It was fabulous. No aches and pains, no stiffness, all of the swelling is gone, thanks to 101 cold baths. I feel great. Topaz took off after a group of 19 deer..yes, I counted them! He was gone for a good 5 minutes before he finally reappeared. I saw Bald Eagles, the Sandhill Crane, Trumpeter Swans and two Coyotes. Lots of wildlife enjoying the woods.

Most of the snow is off of the trail now. It felt so great not to be running in snow shoes. What a treat!

Now I am going to head over to the gym before I do some grocery shopping and other errands.

Thanks for all of your comments and well wishes. I appreciate each and every one of them.

I must be feeling good..I find myself planning my FANS 24 hour run in June. I will run the Superior 50K in May, but just for fun. FANS is going to be more of a goal oriented race. I'm looking forward to it.

Inov 8 keeps me in trail shoes, but for FANS training I'll need to cough up $130 for a new pair of Asics Gel Kayano's. The ones that I have been running treadmill repeats are the same I wore at Vermont 100 last summer. I guess I need to shop tomorrow, before I head over to PF Changs to meet Bonnie and Marie for lunch :)

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Carilyn said...

Hey Julie! You are amazing! I am so impressed by your McNaughton win (again)! You are so very talented!

I won't be at FANS this year. I've chosen to do Kettle Moraine 100. All the Spring/Summer races are so far from El Paso that I try to pick some place I have never been. Wisconsin seemed like a good choice! I hope we can run a race together sometime soon. As I've told Olga, I need y'all to teach me how to run trails!