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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

First Coaching Stint

Tonight was my first stint at coaching. As I previously posted, I am coaching a Woman's Beginner Running Group. This group meets at the Edina Community Center, is part of the Edina Community Education Program. Once a woman enters the group, she is part of the Minnesota Distance Running Association group, which puts on the program. It's a great tool to encourage new membership into MDRA. There were 38 women in the group tonight; 28 signed up as new members. That's amazing!

I was nervous, but excited. When I first began to run I had always wished I would join group such as this. I always felt I was too fat, too slow, too embarrassed, to uncoordinated..oh, and I couldn't run and didn't think I could be a runner. I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone and ask for help.

Many of the women in this group felt just as I did a few years back. Over half of the women had NEVER run. I love it! Brand new exited and scared women ready to embark on something that could really change their lives..for the better. Many of the women could not believe that I was, in fact, them; that they were in fact, me. I told them they had one up on me, they stepped out of their comfort zone to run with a group of women, I was afraid to do that.

We began with me leading a warm-up and stretching session. Then we broke the group into three groups. One group (that had 1 woman) was an 'all run' group. She ran with another coach the whole workout. The second group was the 'never have run' group. They ran with another coach, walking 8 minutes and running 2 minutes 3x. I took the 'in between' group. These woman had run a bit in the past but not much. We walked 6 minutes and ran 4 minutes x3. We ended ended the session with another stretch and called it a night.

I loved it.

From here on out, for the next weeks, we have a speaker coming each week. We'll have a warm up, a workout, stretching and then the speaker. We'll discuss clothing to wear, shoes, races, injury, nutrition, etc.

I love it.

As for McNaughton, I'm set. Looks like a cool rainy weekend, which is fine. McNaughton is usually pretty wet and muddy. No biggie. It'll be a blast. Looks like a snow storm will be hitting here tomorrow. We could get a foot of snow. Hopefully as I head south, I'll be hitting rain and not snow! I'll drive back home on Sunday, following my finish. Hopefully before noon :)

Over and out...


Jamie said...

Kick some butt this weekend! Look forward to the race report. And very cool that the coaching gig is off to a flying start. Always nice to give back.

Runner Brewer said...


That is so cool what you are doing with that running group. It's people like you that give this sport a great name.

I think it comes better from someone like you who was not a track star or x country star in their youth. You earned your striped through some serious hard work and discipline.

Hopefully you will have good weather this weekend. We will have some serious fun at Chippewa in the snow.

Aud said...

That running group sounds awesome. I wish I had something like that when I started. Good on you for doing it! I found starting running with my dog got me going, and now they keep nagging me if I don't take them out!

keith said...

You rock. So do those women. I wouldn't have run with a group of people when I started running. Hell I don't think I'd still run with a group now...

Anyhoo - I hope to someday be able to give back the way you do. You're a continual source of inspiration.

keith said...

PS - Karl Meltzer has you as the odds on favorite at McNaughton 100. How cool is that? Go get 'em Jul!

SteveQ said...

Wish I'd signed up for McNaughton! Sounds like it'll be south of the blizzard that's predicted for Chippewa. Go get 'em, Jul!

Carey said...

Jerry Frost asked me to tell you "Hi" at McNaughton for him; I'm being proactive just in case we don't meet up. Pretty tough for our paths not to cross though considering it is a 10 mile loop! I'll be wearing a ls yellow SLUG jersey.
Hope to meet you this weekend,
Carey Smith

Kel said...

Have a great run at McNaughton!

One of my favorite coaching experiences was with an 8 week beginners clinic where I trained
a single mom who had never run a step before in her life. I got an email from her a year later - She had lost 60 lbs, finished her first marathon, and took an assistant track & field coaching job at the high school where she teaches! She has since gone on to finish a few more marathons and has kept the weight off too. Sound familiar? You were born for that job ;)

Lisa B said...

Best of luck at McNaughton, Julie. I'll be cheering from the PNW.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to hear about your race! I wish I had a running club too or at least lived a couple hundred miles closer!
I am sure you kicked tail, you are the badest chic in this coop!

debby said...

Hey Julie,

I dont know if you remeber me, however I met you a couple of times at Superior Trail. I usually run with my Uncle Al. My name is Debbie Mckinzie. Anyway, we were just at Chippewau Moraine yesterday. I do have to say, we had a great time. I really enjoyed myself. It was a lot of fun. A lot of snow. I met a women there by the name of Nancy. I'm not sure of her last name. She told me about your blog. She said my sense of humor reminded her of you. So here I am. I cant believe how much you run in a week. Good for you. I dont know how you keep it up. I'm wondering what 100's your running this summer?

domoreyoga said...

Congratulations on your win at Mcnaughton, Julie. Your hard work and relentless determination are a true inspiration. I hear it was a mud fest out there from one of my friends who did the 50M. You really smoked that last loop! Can't wait for the race report. Again, congrats.

Julie B said...

KARL MELTZER? Are you kidding me? Thank goodness I didn't know that before the race. Oh, the pressure. I can't believe he even KNOWS MY NAME.

Thanks for all of the good luck and wishes. I felt the love :)