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Thursday, April 17, 2008

McNaughton Musings

- The man who said "I know I could finish this damn race in 24 hours if it weren't for the mud" I found that hilarious; I didn't realize he was serious and I responded "yeah, I could finish Leadville in 24 if it weren't for the elevation" I mean, come on, dude!

- Andy, voice booming, each and every lap "..and here is Julie Berg, McNaughton Woman's Champion for 2005 and 2007"..it was embarrassing, but still felt good!

- Last lap, singing at the top of my lungs to Ozzy "I keep running but I'm getting nowhere..." the man around the corner in front of me said "oh yeah, you are getting somewhere chicka.."

- Watching the men climb the fallen tree, over the river crossing and jumping off on the other side to stay dry. No way! I would have fallen off of the tree into the river, getting more wet than just trudging through each time.

- The cookie balls during the night at Heaven's Gate. They were chocolate and coconut and peanut butter I think. I don't believe they were cooked. I think they were refrigerated and oh so delicious. What were those balls of goodness?

- After heading out on a night loop, deciding I had to return because I couldn't see and needed better lights. Asking Andy if I had to re-do the first part of the loop, so happy when he told me no, I could continue where I left of. Thank goodness.

- The Joy. The pure Joy of the race. Loving the run, loving the race, loving each and every step I put into it. The race was the party that I had been training for.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie -
My friend Ellen ran McNaughton 100 too and she mentioned your blog about the peanut butter balls - they're p.b., honey, oatmeal, chocolate chips and then rolled in coconut. Glad you liked them!

Julie B said...

Hi Sarah! They were wonderful! I found myself thinking about those balls half way around the course, waiting for Heaven's Gate and the balls!! Thank you for offering me something else to look forward to :) I recall you introducing yourself to me and taking my picture. Thank you so much for staffing Heaven's Gate. What a great aid station and a wonderful group of people!