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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling The OCD Coming On

Last while weekend while at the cabin my Dad's bread maker broke. He is always baking bread in the bread maker. The boys love it and ask for it often. Dad decided to make homemade whole wheat. You know, kneading, resting, yeasting, all that jazz. It was very tasty and made me want to try creating a loaf at home.

On Thursday it rained all day. After work it stopped so Topaz and I hit the trail, of course as we were running a thunderstorm hit us. We ran as quickly as we could, through the lightning and thunder, and came out at the end of the trail-soaked.

Tyler's baseball game was cancelled due to the rain. I had already ran two workouts so I had a free evening. Ah, time to try a yeasty bread.

I chose Pecan Caramel Rolls. I told the girls at work that I was going to give them a try and that I would bring them in on Friday. I told Carol they may not turn out, she promised me that she would eat my flop. OK.

I created the rolls exactly per directions. The recipe stated 8 rolls in each 9x13 pan. I couldn't believe that they were going to triple in size and fill the pan. They didn't. I didn't think they were 'wet' enough. Wet with butter, cinnamon and sugar. I didn't dare change the recipe as I had never tried this before. The directions read 'use hot water'. Well, how hot? A temperature would be nice. It didn't say boiling, so..almost boiling? I didn't think I had my water hot enough.

The rolls didn't rise enough. I let them rise all night long, baking them before work. The boys each had one for breakfast and said they were wonderful..but they didn't look super wonderful, Julie wonderful, to me.

I brought them into work and everyone raved. I explained they were my first. Mark, my principal, stated 'these are just like my Mom used to make, and hers were the best'. That was a pretty nice compliment. But, could they be better than his mom's? I wanted to make THE BEST.

I read about rolls Thursday night and Friday. I read about temperature of the water - 130 F when using yeast in dry ingredients - now I knew. I also knew to use the three pan recipe for two pans. Two full pans.

Last night I remade the rolls. Oh yeah, now this is what I'm talking about! Full, gushy, oozy, wet, buttery, sweet pecan-ny goodness. You know that little piece in the middle that is always the best? I want the whole roll to taste that way. It does!

Next fall, I'm bringing them in on the first day. They will be the best ever. My coworkers will notice the difference.

Next up: Honey Whole Wheat Bread. Now, the recipe is for three loaves, I'm betting I'll use two!

So, yeah, the OCD is coming on with all this yeasty bread stuff. I'm looking at recipies, deciding which artisan bread I'll make after the whole wheat. I love learning something new.

On a running note, I ran 5 hours of ski hills today. I won't get in hills next weekend. It's flat as a pancake FANS day!


Jamie said...

You are definitely on a roll. Sounds like you were almost bread to this kind of thing. I'm sure the next batch will be even butter than the last one. It's the yeast you could do.


keith said...


Those rolls look like the BUSINESS!


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Thanks & Happy Trails!


Carilyn said...

Oh my gosh! Those look outstanding! Now I have to go find something yummy to eat!